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Innovations 2018/2019

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INNOVATIONS 2018/2019 Our latest products - your benefits

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Experience the future of explosion protection with EX 4.0 World markets are undergoing a period of radical change - as are the businesses that operate in these markets. Industry 4.0 is transforming entire industries and will be pivotal in ensuring that companies can remain competitive in the future. Only those that embrace innovative products and new solutions will be able to hold their own in the market. Our job is to provide explosion protection and system safety solutions to be up to speed with this rapid progress. We not only focus on high quality, but also on...

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS EXpressure – new, innovative technology for enclosures LIGHTER, MORE COMPACT AND MORE COST-EFFECTIVE Ex d ENCLOSURES By drawing on modern principles of lightweight construction and novel material combinations, the new EXpressure technology allows control cabinets virtually identical to those used in non-hazardous industrial areas to be built, and used reliably – without restrictions – in Zone 1. EXpressure is certified as an “Ex d flameproof enclosure” and, as a result, is suitable for applications in hazardous areas. The novel design enables quick and easy project...

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REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY OPENS UP NEW POSSIBILITIES New pressure-relief solution To relieve pressure, the new EXpressure technology safely dissipates explosion pressure via flow channels in multi-layer stainless steel wire cloths. • Optimal for integration in Ex d enclosures. • Can either be poured into cast aluminium enclosures or welded in stainless steel enclosures. • Maximum internal pressure less than 1 bar. • Significantly reduced enclosure wall thicknesses (≤ 1.5 mm). Lighter, more compact, more versatile EXpressure enclosures offer considerably more compact solutions. This is...

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Optimal use of internal space Stainless steel wire mesh Clear layout For the same dimensions, EXpressure offers you more space for installing switching and control components. • Clearer component layout and direct wiring. • Optimal use of internal space. • Accessibility is drastically improved for inspection and maintenance purposes – for example, components are easy to locate and the connection points/cable routing are easy to track. Low operating costs With EXpressure, we save you money at the commissioning stage, as well as during operation, inspections, maintenance and repair work. Your...

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to measure 100% PROCESS RELIABILITY IN HAZARDOUS AREAS To ensure that systems for which 100% availability is vital continue to operate safely, R. STAHL offers a modular system for Ex-protected uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) that encompasses a wide selection of components. These UPS systems prevent your company from incurring the high financial losses than can result from voltage drops and power failures. They balance out brief fluctuations and, in the event of extended power outages, ensure that your systems are shut down in a safe,...

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Modular, Ex-protected power distribution boards CUSTOMISED, MODULAR, COST-EFFECTIVE: MODIBEX – THE CLEVER SOLUTION Explosion-protected stationary and mobile socket outlet assemblies can be designed quickly, easily and economically with the convenient ModibEx module range from R. STAHL. The demand for safe, efficient maintenance is growing along with the increasing complexity of industrial systems. In addition to ensuring that systems operate safely, the duration of system shutdowns must be minimised. Our socket outlet assemblies and maintenance sockets make your maintenance...

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FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS Machinery and system control systems: Low-maintenance and built to last R. STAHL offers you a complete product portfolio coupled with project engineering for Ex machinery and system control systems – now also available with an inspection window. The comprehensive range of enclosures allows us to devise flexible, compact solutions for use in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. • Long service life thanks to the seawater-resistant enclosure material. • The versatile design broadens your options, offering you a control system that can be used under extreme temperature conditions. •...

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First-rate control boxes for all your requirements CUSTOM-MADE FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE Ex control boxes are custom-made for their intended purpose. The choice is yours – from the material, size and dimensions of the enclosure to what features and built-in equipment your control box should have. R. STAHL‘s control box is configured to your exact specifications. One of the things that may be of particular interest is the option to use up to four contact elements with a single actuator. Another interesting feature is the LED indicator lamps, the colour of which can be changed by changing...

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CUSTOMISED CONTROL BOXES Large selection of actuators R. STAHL offers an extensive range of robust actuators for use in hazardous areas. These include: • Pushbuttons and mushroom pushbuttons. • Rotary actuators. • Key-operated switches and mushroom stay-put buttons with key lock. • Mushroom stay-put buttons, twin pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons. • Potentiometer and indicator lamp actuators. We also supply a huge range of different accessories in the form of sign holders, label holders and locking devices. Ammeters and voltmeters for ambient temperatures as low as -40 °C These...

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Small, effective, Ex-protected 8060/2 series position switch Position switches are used to position, control and monitor the moving parts on machines and systems. Because they meet the requirements of the EN 50047 and IEC 60947-5-1 product standards, they can also be used as a position switch with a safety function. In addition, this series has small dimensions, making it a perfect fit when space is at a premium. • International certificates: ATEX, lECEx, EAC, cCSAus -featuring all markings. • Operating temperature range of between -60 °C and +60 °C. • IP66/67 degree of protection. • 5...

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