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HMIs IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES For hazardous and industrial areas

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HMI SYSTEM SOLUTIONS FOR ALL AREAS OF APPLICATION Our ultimate goal is to develop the best HMI solution and technology tailored to the specific application requirements. Each device platform offers HMIs in different technologies – as Thin Client, Panel PC, or KVM system. Each HMI platform has been engineered for reliable operation in different ambient temperatures, comes with different certificates, and in different screen sizes. Thanks to the wide range of certificates, you can choose the HMI solution that best suits your needs and country-specific certification requirements. To meet the...

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R. STAHL – AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS From explosion-protected HMIs, cameras and CCTV systems, remote I/O and network technology, barriers, and grounding devices we offer a complete automation portfolio for hazardous area applications. R. STAHL is committed to providing the highest level of reliability and quality “Made in Germany”. By combining products, components and technologies, we create modern automation solutions perfectly matched to the varied requirements of the different industries across the world. Be it the integration in modern Ethernet networks, the integration of diagnostics in...

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HMIs IN THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES EXICOM human-machine interfaces (HMIs) stand out for their high level of compatibility to all DCS systems, such as Emerson DeltaV, Siemens PCS 7, or CENTUM VP. Available in 10", 15", 21.5", 24" screen sizes and in all relevant resolutions, our HMIs are suitable for operation in hazardous areas, Zone 1, 2, 21, 22. To provide you with the HMI that best suits your application needs, we have developed different HMI device platforms: MANTA widescreen HMIs are suitable for use in the process industries, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and life sciences industries;...

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OVERVIEW – HMI PLATFORMS R. STAHL HMIs Device Platform MANTA GMP (safe area) Pharmaceutical, chemical, life sciences industry Pharmaceutical industry, life sciences GMP areas, cleanrooms Universal HMI, machine and process control, tank farms Outdoor and harsh environments Screen Sizes • Certificates for many countries • All relevant screen sizes • Designed to meet the highest hygienic standards • International certificates • Resistant to corrosive gases (ISA-S71.04 G3) • For extreme ambient temperatures • High resistance to shock and vibration Safe Area • EHEDG and EU-GMP compliance, purity...

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Remote HMI V5 Firmware: SIMPLE – SECURE – RELIABLE Our Remote HMI V5 Firmware boasts unparalleled performance and the most reliable Thin Client operating system. Designed as a closed system running on Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB, the remote firmware features the latest remote desktop services with RDP 10 and VNC. The unique app concept allows the highly secure integration of additional functions and protocols, such as Citrix, web browser and other applications. Highlights at a glance • App-based concept. • Simple, intuitive navigation menu. • Closed system based on Windows® 10 IoT...

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Card reader for all hazardous areas Versatile user authentication solution for all HMIs, and for single stand-alone applications. • Certified for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 22. • Protocols, e.g., MIFARE CLASSIC, DESFIRE, LEGIC MIM, LEGIC ATC, SONY FELICIA, INSIDE SECURE, etc. • For worldwide applications in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 °C … +70 °C (-40 °F … +158 °F). • Installation directly in the hazardous area. • Available as USB, RS-422, ASCII or CRYPT variant. For end-to-end Thin Client solutions from the control centre to the field with integrated Remote HMI V5 Firmware. • For all...

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APPLICATIONS INDOOR APPLICATION IN A CHEMICAL PLANT MANTA dual-monitor setup with user authentication Ideally suited for applications in the fine chemicals industry – the MANTA platform In this production plant a dual-monitor Thin Client system solution has been designed for a virtual network in Zone 1. The network redundancy allows simultaneous access to an ERP or MES system. User authentication is realised via the integrated card reader that allows direct log on the DCS. The integrated up-to-date Remote HMI V5 Firmware based on Windows® 10 provides a high degree of communications...

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OUTDOOR APPLICATION IN A REFINERY SHARK terminal with sunlight-readable display and RFID reader Professional filling station and modern HMI solution For the optimum control and monitoring of all filling operations in an outdoor application, the SHARK 21.5" was used as Thin Client in Zone 1. The sunlight-readable Full HD display clearly visualises all process operations, even against the light. The HMI has a touch screen and is operable in a -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +149 °F) temperature range. • Tested with all relevant DCS systems. The Thin Client solution also allows network-based...

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TECHNOLOGIES THIN CLIENTS THIN CLIENT INTEGRATION IN A MODERN NETWORK ARCHITECTURE PC WORKSTATIONS VIRTUALIZED SERVERS AND WORKSTATIONS SAFE AREA Redundant virtual network Safe into the future Our Thin Clients have been designed to address the challenges in the process industry. They seamlessly communicate with PC workstations, virtual servers / workstations as well as with cloud-based systems. Thin Clients in the field provide most diverse access options to most different systems from any terminal – using single redundant Ethernet, or WiFi over RDP, RealVNC®, Citrix, or Emerson DRDC. Our...

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THIN CLIENT REMOTE HMI V5 FIRMWARE NETWORK DIAGNOSTICS • Status display of all existing network connections immediately available. • Diagnostics in case of IP address conflicts. INTUITIVE APP CONCEPT • Simple launch of parameterised applications in kiosk mode. • Users cannot access Windows level. • Examples: Citrix, DRDC, web browser, • CCTV app, ERP system, and many more. USER-FRIENDLY BASIC SETTINGS • Touchscreen calibration. • Brightness adjustment. • Right mouse-click parameterisation. • Deactivation of all input devices for cleaning purposes. ADDRESS BOOK • Simple, intuitive switching...

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