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WE ARE REVOLUTIONISING EXPLOSION PROTECTION You need intelligent products and innovative solutions to keep up in a dynamic competitive environment. You can find these in our current product catalogue. Whether you are looking for the most recent LED luminaires, signalling devices, installation devices and switchgears or control systems, the latest automation and network solutions, HMI and camera technologies or modular units for easy integration into systems – we can offer you every kind of explosion protection and safety technology. Our many years of experience mean that we can supply you not only with a product, but also with a perfect solution – one which is suitable for you and of the highest quality. Based on our commitment to innovation, we also focus on the very latest technologies in all that we offer. With EXpressure, we are therefore bringing another spectacular new development to the market. This technology has made Ex d cabinets more compact and more lightweight. With it, we are once again underlining our pioneering role in explosion protection. Our EX 4.0 solutions include innovative and tailor-made explosion protection concepts which stand out from the competition thanks to their maximum safety, extreme durability, flexibility and functionality. We can also help you by providing first-class services. This makes us a partner on whom you can always rely no matter where y

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P  RODUCT CATALOGUE 2019 Home valid as of January 2019 0 General Condition of Sales and Delivery, Preferred Products, WebCode Safety Barriers Applications | Single- hannel Safety Barriers | Dual- hannel Safety Barriers C C Isolators Non- x i-solators ‒ Digital Output | General | Power Supply | Ex i-solators ‒ Digital Input | E I I Ex i-solators ‒ Analog Input | Ex i-solators ‒ Analog Output | Ex i-solators ‒ Digital Output | I I I Ex i-solators ‒ Temperature Input | System Components | Non- x i-solators ‒ Analog Output | I E I Non- x i-solators ‒ Temperature Input E I Remote I/O General |...

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PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2019 valid as of January 2019 Lighting Bulkhead Light Fittings | Compact Emergency Luminaire | Compact Light Fittings | Tank Inspection Lights | Linear Luminaire with LED | Emergency Luminaire with LED EXLUX | Linear Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps | Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps | Tubular Light Fittings | Pendant Light Fittings | Floodlights | Hand Lamps for Mains Connection | Portable Lamps | Hand Lamps with Batteries Installation Equipment Installation Switch | Junction Boxes | Terminal Boxes | Empty Enclosures / Ex d Cabinets | Plugs and Sockets Control...

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Home Conditions of Sales and Delivery, Preferred Products  Conditions of Sales and Delivery The list on hand will be valid as of 2019-01-01. All lists published up to now, including the technical specifications and the conditions of sale and delivery, will then be no longer valid and will be replaced by the list on hand. Product Segments PS In the present “Condensed Catalogue“ you will find an associated product segment with every item number. This allows a computerized classification of defined product segments and delivery conditions. All deliveries and services are based on our...

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INTRODUCING EXpressure: THE WORLD‘S FIRST LIGHTWEIGHT Ex d CABINET. Instead of containing explosions by solid construction, EXpressure safely releases heat and energy through an innovative mesh wall. The result: an Ex d cabinet that‘s smaller, lighter and easier to maintain than ever before. EXpressure. Challenging Standards. Learn more at

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Our Catalogue on the Internet Home WebCode  OUR CATALOGUE ON THE INTERNET We have created a digital platform on our website which presents the innovative world of R. STAHL to you as the visitor. This includes our extensive product range and sophisticated system solutions, as well as their diverse applications. You will also find information about our extended range of services at For example, you can find out online about the PEC software for inspection and maintenance and the extensive range of seminars run by R. STAHL on current explosion protection topics. Our service pages...

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Our Catalogue on the Internet Product Filters  Product filters help you to choose Our product filters will also help you to search for the right product. By selecting various criteria (e.g. zone, temperature, degree of protection) or technical features (e.g. dimensions, voltage, current), you can easily find the right solutions. At the same time, you can select the products that may be of interest to you and assess them via a product comparison. Product data: always up to date You have decided on a product – then you can see its availability on the right-hand side. Green indicates that the...

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Our Catalogue on the Internet Home Download  All the information you need in just one click By clicking on the product you require, we will present you with all the relevant information. In addition to the technical data, this includes extensive documentation (e.g. data sheets, certificates, operating instructions) to download. Product catalogue to download The latest version of our product catalogue can always be found on our website. You can download this catalogue under “Support” and “Downloads”. Contact us at any time Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have any...

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The Terminal Box for any Industry Series 8150  GENERAL INFOR

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Home SAFETY BARRIERS Applications Safety Barriers Dual-Channel Safety Barriers Dual-Channel Safety Barriers Safety Barriers with Electronic Current Limitation Single-Channel Safety Barriers Single-Channel Safety Barriers Accessories and Spare Parts Accessories and Spare Parts Series 9001, 9002, 9004 Dimensional Drawings Dimensional Drawings Series 9001, 9002, 9004 For additional products and information please refer to

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Safety Barriers Overview Typical Applications Symbol INTRINSPAK Type i/p converter, control valve, indicator Field circuit grounded Contact, optocoupler output Switch (load grounded) Field circuit grounded Solenoid valve, LED indicator Field circuit grounded Field circuit floating Thermocouple, mV signals Field circuit floating Resistance thermometer (RTD), Potentiometer Pt100, 2-wire connection Field circuit floating Strain gauge load cells 350 Ω or 700 Ω 6-wire ± 7.5 V (15 V) Field circuit floating 350 Ω 6-wire + 10 V Field circuit floating 350 Ω or 700 Ω 6-wire + 16 V Field circuit...

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