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3 Isolators Isolators General ● Inputs or outputs intrinsically safe [Ex ia] IIC ● All functions with 2 channels per module ● Galvanic isolation between inputs, outputs and power supply ● Modules for DIN-rail installation or comfortable system integration via pac-Carrier ● Detachable terminals available in screw terminal and spring cage terminal versions ● Extended temperature range - 20 °C … + 70 °C ● Installation possible in Zone 2 resp. Div. 2 ● Most isolator versions can be used for applications according to „functional safety“ SIL (IEC 61508) ● Customer specific engineering by R. Stahl’s competence center ● macros for easier planning and engineering available 07509E00 The 2-channel compact isolators ISpac are equipped with detachable terminals available in screw terminal, spring cage terminal and insulation cutting terminal versions. Depending on the particular application, the devices snap singly onto DIN rails and can either be centrally supplied from the common power supply (pac-Bus) or simply and conveniently connected to the automation system using the pac-Carrier. The pac-Bus supplies the isolators with power and issues line errors occurring in the Ex i inputs and outputs via a floating contact. In addition to this collective messaging system, each individual device signals line errors by means of a red LED and an indicator contact. With its choice of 8 or 16 slots, the pac-Carrier makes for an elegant automation system integration solution. Connecting to diverse automation systems is made easier by system-specific circuit board adapters equipped with matching plugs. With the ISpac system also system specific solutions in any possible constellation from engineering to cabinet manufacturing are available. 3/1 Automation 17.04.2008_A

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Isolators - 2

3 Isolators General Overview of System Components 06913E02 The isolator system ISpac offers solutions for each requirement which point-to-point transmissions of process signals require. The system introduced from left to right: • Isolators for Non-Ex i applications • Isolators for Ex i applications • HART multiplexer and termination board for connection of asset management systems • pac-Carrier as a solution for easy integration into automation systems with or without HART connection • Compact solutions for installation of single isolators in Zone 1 or Zone 21 Automation 17.04.2008 3/2

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Isolators - 3

3 Isolators General Isolators for Ex i and Non-Ex i circuits • All modules with one or two channels per module • Space saving, only 17.6 mm width, calculated only 8.8 mm per channel • Time saving installation by means of pac-Bus • Line fault detection and signalization via LED, contact per module and pac-Bus common fault message • Vibration proofed up to 4 g, approval for ship building 09943E00 pac-Bus fast mounting and fault signalization • Plug together, place onto bus, snap on and connect easy mounting of power supply and common fault signalization • No need for tools • Expandable at any...

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3 Isolators General System integration with pac-Carrier • For 8 or 16 isolators, up to 32 signals • All ISpac modules can be mounted • Horizontal or vertical mounting • Vibration proofed up to 1 g • Solutions for Yokogawa, Emerson, Tricon and others • Enabled for fast customizing • Transmission of HART signals by means of HART Mutliplexer to Asset Management System 09827E00 Solutions for the installation in Zone 1, 21 Type 8510 • Based on the ISpac isolator range • Enables installation in Zone 1 and 21 • Mounting in Ex e enclosures (e.g. type 8146, 8125 R.STAHL) Following types are...

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Isolators - 5

3 Isolators General Case I: Engineering of an Ex i interface with active input or output The Ex i interface should be selected such that the safe maximum values of the interface (Uo, Io und Po) are less than, and the values Co and Lo are greater than the safe maximum values of the field device. These values (Ui, Ii, Ci und Li) are to be derived from the test certificate of the field device. Otherwise, the national standards for the installation of intrinsically safe circuits should be applied. Ex i Ui Ii Pi Ci Li Input / Output Uo Io Po Co Lo 06969E02 To be applied for the following...

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Isolators - 6

3 Isolators General Case III: Engineering of an Ex i interface connected to a simple electrical apparatus Simple electrical apparatus: An electrical component or a combination of components of simple design with precisely known electrical parameters that does not affect the intrinsic safety of the circuit in which it (they) is (are) to be installed. Ex i Input / Output 09364E02 Simple electrical apparatuses can be: a) b) c) Passive components, for example, switches, junction boxes, resistors and simple semiconductor components; Sources of stored energy with precisely known parameters, for...

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