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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Explosion protection for automation

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THE NEXT LEVEL OF EXPLOSION PROTECTION Digital progression is transforming whole industries and will inevitably become a key measure of competitiveness for companies in the future. The search for new and more efficient solutions is becoming increasingly important in process automation. Whether under the term ‘Digital Oilfield’ or in working groups on the topic of ‘Modular Automation’ – a connection to the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ and the productive use of ‘Big Data’ for process optimisation play a major role in all industry sectors. The implementation of state-ofthe-art automation...

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GLOBAL EXPERTISE THE BEST SOLUTION FOR ANY TASK WE WILL FIND A SOLUTION FOR EVEN THE MOST COMPLEX REQUIREMENTS. As a leading supplier of automation technology for hazardous areas, R. STAHL offers state-ofthe-art components and complete solutions, perfectly matched to your operating conditions. Our regional automation experts work with you hand in hand to establish a customised solution for your explosion protection needs – from the initial concept all the way to commissioning. An optimised combination of protection solutions and decades of experience form the basis of everything we do....

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Oil & gas: offshore For more than 25 years, customers have been applying our remote I/O solutions. They particularly appreciate the cable and weight reductions, lower engineering effort and reduced maintenance costs. Oil & gas: refineries Our wireless, fieldbus and remote I/O products are being integrated into the world of ‘Digital Oilfields’ during new system installations and modernisations. Chemical & pharmaceutical industries Our automation solutions are the perfect choice when it comes to the modern concepts of remote diagnostics and modular automation. Modifiable in the most flexible...

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS FROM FIELD STATION TO CONTAINER APPLICATION Thanks to our extensive product range and many years of experience, we can offer you customerspecific solutions for almost any task. Whether innovative fieldbus installations, pressurised containers or the integration of modern operating systems, we design and manufacture customised system solutions. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: COMBINATION OF REMOTE I/O WITH FIELDBUS • Use of IS1+ with PROFIBUS DP for all discrete I/O signals • Foundation Fieldbus H1 with R. STAHL Ex i Field Device Couplers on the High Power Trunk • Integration of...

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CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: LOCAL CONTROL WITH OPERATING TERMINAL • Ex i operating terminal with a 10.4" colour display and touchscreen • Integrated Ex i isolation with ISpac isolators • Autonomous control system with PLC in an Ex d enclosure • Mobile operation using 115/230 VAC with plug and socket device OIL AND CHEMICAL TANKERS: LOADING CONTROL SYSTEM WITH REMOTE I/O • Smart combination of different types of protection such as Ex i, Ex d and Ex e enables a compact design • PLC installed in an Ex d enclosure • All Ex i I/O signals via an explosion-protected IS1+ Remote I/O system in the Ex e...

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Machine-building: compact, robust Ex i protection Safety barriers from R. STAHL allow the use of intrinsically safe sensors. The compact and robust design fulfils machine-building demands. Oil & gas: condition monitoring for compressors Early wear detection makes maintenance planning possible and reduces costs. Safety barriers allow the intrinsically safe operation of vibration sensors. Oil & gas: drill head monitoring Intrinsically safe sensor operation in rough environments – safety barriers from R. STAHL are the right solution.

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INTRINSPAK SAFETY BARRIERS INDIVIDUAL POINT-TO-POINT SOLUTIONS Safety barriers are a robust, compact and adaptable solution to connect Ex i field devices to control technology. A suitable barrier will always be found – an individual barrier or a combination of barriers – for standard signals like 4…20 mA and for less common signals. As one of the pioneers in safety barriers, we attach great importance to easy installation and maintenance. Details such as the combination of assembly and equipotential bonding connection or a uniform, exchangeable backup fuse make INTRINSPAK uniq

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WebCode INTRINSPAKA THE COMPLETE SPECTRUM IN A COMPACT DESIGN A wide range of sensors is used for the automation of machines. Every device requires the appropriate solution for Ex i protection. INTRINSPAK covers this spectrum with a range of more than 150 variants – with a footprint of just 12 mm. MORE THAN 150 VARIANTS – ONLY ONE BACKUP FUSE A backup fuse which can be easily replaced protects the safety barrier. One type for all barriers reduces storage needs and prevents mistakes during replacement. INSTALLATION AND EQUIPOTENTIAL BONDING CONNECTION IN ONE GO Mounting onto the DIN rail...

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Chemical industry: completely engineered cabinets Wiring of 140 cabinets with ISpac isolators, power supply units and third-party materials in record time for a fertiliser plant. Chemical industry: plug & play on a large scale Testing and installation of Ex i isolators, DCS and additional peripheral devices in containers. Letting R. STAHL handle the project management saves time at the building site and reduces the risk for the overall project. Refinery: Ex i isolators Space- and time-saving installation of two-channel Ex i isolators and pac-Carriers including functional safety (SIL). Oil &...

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ISPAC ISOLATORS SYSTEMATIC POINT-TO-POINT SOLUTION Point-to-point connections with conventional isolators are a proven and easy-to-use solution. Isolator portfolio ISpac is characterised in particular by a quick and cost-saving installation. All devices can be mounted individually, in groups or in the pac-Carrier – this is unique in the market. ISpac isolators are perfectly suited for applications regarding functional safety. Evaluation according to SIL2 or SIL3 also includes devices with trip amplifier function. With a combination of isolators, HART multiplexers and transfer boards, HART...

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