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HMI Systems – Overview for hazardous & industrial areas

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for hazardous and industrial areas For more than 25 years, R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH as part of the R. STAHL Technology Group has been specializing in the development and production of operating and monitoring systems for use in the most challenging hazardous and industrial environments. Our state-of-the-art human-machine interfaces (HMIs) are designed to provide enhanced safety and efficiency in hazardous locations. System Solutions for ships (FPSOs, tankers, etc.), depending on product type

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HMI Overview - 3

SERIES 200 – the first 7" Widescreen Operator Interface for Zone 1 / 2 Our new SERIES 200 features state-of-the-art technology, and comes with highperformance CPU, capacitive touch screen, and Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system. A hardened glass layer adds enhanced protection to the 7" widescreen display. With its compact, fully rugged design, seawater resistance and IP66 standard, the SERIES 200 is the ideal solution for applications in harsh and demanding environments worldwide, e.g. tank farms and oil rigs, and is suitable for permanent operation at ambient temperatures ranging...

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HMI Overview - 4

EXICOM System Overview With our EXICOM systems, we offer the broadest portfolio of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and technologies for both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial area applications: from KVM systems, Thin Clients, Panel PCs, operator interfaces, or special HMIs for the oil and industry – the EXICOM portfolio offers the ideal operator terminal solution for all types of applications. Available in different screen sizes, from a 5" operator interface up to a 24" widescreen version with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, our universal HMIs are suitable for virtually any type of...

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HMI Overview - 5

Operator Interface Operator Interface Operator Interface

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HMI Overview - 6

VARIOUS DISPLAY SIZES SUNLIGHT-READABLE DISPLAY With screen sizes ranging from 7" to 24"WU, we offer the broadest portfolio of hazardous areas HMIs, and the most extensive variety of technologies – Full Clients (Panel PCs), Thin Clients, KVM systems, and various operator interfaces that INNOVATIVE POLARIZATION FILTER SYSTEM are also available in modern widescreen formats. All our HMIs are extremely rugged, and specifically designed to ensure fail-safe, reliable 24/7 operation. In addition to modern HMI hardware, we also provide pre-configured operating systems MODULARLY REPAIRABLE VARIOUS...

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HMI Overview - 7

VARIOUS DISPLAY SIZES Highlights SoftwareSUNLIGHT-READABLE DISPLAY OPERATING SYSTEMS READY-TO-RUN è Full Client (Panel PC) with Windows 7 Ultimate / Embedded Standard 2009, etc. - Pre-configured, ready-to-run operating system INNOVATIVE POLARIZATION FILTER SYSTEM - Open for all types of software applications - Multi-lingual (26 languages) operating system MODULARLY REPAIRABLE - Touch screen support with mouse / keyboard emulation in real time and at log-in - Write-protected boot partition in Windows Embedded Standard 2009 - Setup wizard for fast and easy system setup è Thin Client with R....

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HMI Overview - 8

SERIES 600 KVM Systems ÎÎ Digital transmission ensures optimum image quality length up to 150 m / 500 m (copper) / up to 10 km (fiber optic) ÎÎ Energy-efficient LED display technology, optional touch screen ÎÎ Universal enclosure versions available for hygienic areas, or harsh and demanding environments ÎÎ Customized R. STAHL HMI is the sole provider of the classic KVM system solution with digital transmission over copper wire or fiber optic to the on-site operator terminal, thus ensuring optimum image quality anytime. Adjusting the display settings is not required. This outstanding image...

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HMI Overview - 10

SERIE 600 KVM Systems – Technical Data Screen Sizes ET Zone 1 / 21 With display sizes of 22" / 24", and 24"WU, we meet the all the requirements of the manufacturers of process control systems for modern widescreen formats – suitable for use in hazardous areas, Zone 1, 21, Zone 2, 22, and non-hazardous production environments. Explosion Protection Certificates ATEX, IECEx, GOST-R Technical Data – Overview Design Front panel mounting TFT color display, 16.7 m colors Brightness 250 / 300 cd/m2 (depending on product type) Contrast ratio 1000:1, optional resistive touch screen LED technology,...

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HMI Overview - 11

Standard Enclosures FR / CFR (for cleanrooms) Customized Enclosures Mounting Options Customized Mounting Options Various enclosures and mounting options give you a wide variety of choices where your monitors will be best installed in your plant. We also custom design solutions to suit customer specific requirements. Accessories & Options Ex i Mifare Card Reader available as panel-mount module, or external keyboard in "office style" allows precise input in hazardous areas (for additional accessories and information, please refer to our website)

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HMI Overview - 12

SERIES 500 Thin Client Systems ÎÎ Cost-effective hardware, centralized data and security management to RDP, VNC, and Netc@p, as well as WLAN, LAN, and Internet ÎÎ Remote access from one operator terminal to one / multiple PCs ÎÎ REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE ensures system security, and permanent data transmission If flexible access options, and centralized data and security management are the key requirements, modern Thin Client systems are the ideal solution. Each Thin Client connects to any ERP / MES network via its IP address, thus giving the operator working on-site in the hazardous area fast...

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HMI Overview - 14

SERIES 500 Thin Client Systems – Technical Data Screen Sizes ET Zone 1 / 21 Explosion Protection Certificates ATEX, IECEx, GOST-R, UL, INMETRO, CSA, KGS, CKT, DNV, LR Technical Data – Overview Design Front panel mounting TFT color display, > 16.7 m colors Brightness 250 / 300 / 350 cd/m² (depending on product type) Contrast ratio 1000:1 Resisitve touch screen optional or as standard (depending on product type) Sunlight-readable 15" displays with polarization filter (1000 cd/m²) LED technology Service life up to 70,000 h (depending on product type) Function keys at display External keyboard...

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