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Customer-driven Meeting the needs and desires of our customers is our overriding objective. We offer one-stop solu­ We have been successsuccess- tions – from components fully developing our busibusi- to complete systems, from ready developing the techtech- International Our global network means we are on site quickly to solve customer problems.

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Focus customer - 3

As a leading supplier, R. STAHL guarantees absolute reliability and quality when it comes to safety and explosion protection. Our international organiZation offers system solutions and products around the world with the same high objective: performance excellence for satisfied customers. just ÑÑ excellent  p. 02 just ÑÑ everywhere  p. 06 just ÑÑ innovative  p. 12 we ÑÑ care  p. 16 tradition  p. 18 ÑÑ locations  p. 20 ÑÑ

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Focus customer - 4

Wherever there are gases, reliable explosion protection can save lives. That’s why we put our trust in R. STAHL quality: Just excellent!

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Focus customer - 6

â â Customer focus A consistently strong customer orientation is the foundation for successful customer support. We focus on the needs of our clients and place them at the centre of our daily activities. To ensure we continue to meet our own high standards, we recently restructured our customer service operations: we now take an even more pro-active approach to customer requirements and our new Customer Service Center (CSC) guarantees the fastest possible response times to their enquiries. â â Our aim: customer benefit Our highly motivated staff are dedicated to swiftly delivering joint...

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Focus customer - 7

R. STAHL not only supplies individual components, but also complex solutions that guarantee smooth and reliable processes. We deliver products and solutions for installing, lighting, operating/monitoring, switchswitching/distributing, signalling/alarming and automating. R. STAHL’s engineers and service specialists are always there for our customers – whenever and wherever they are needed. We constantly strive to optimize our quality, reliability and flexibility.

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Focus customer - 8

Whether in Chennai or Järfälla, on drilling platforms or in whiskey distilleries – R. STAHL is there: just everywhere!

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Focus customer - 10

â â Global presence With subsidiaries in 24 countries, almost 60 representations around the world and sales in 92 countries, R. STAHL is at home in a wide variety of markets – this customer proximity is a decisive competitive advantage. Our international staff understand the requirements of our customers and provide R. STAHL quality wherever it’s needed: from production to fast on-site service, we guarantee flexible delivery times and excellent support. â â New manufacturing and administration facility in India We continue to invest in attractive regions: in order to drive our activities in...

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Focus customer - 11

â â Projects around the world Thanks to our global presence, we can smoothly process international projects with customers, planners, installation companies and operators from various countries. We are on site to handle the needs of all project participants. In all our projects, we naturally comply with the wide variety of legal regulations, as our facilities around the world all have international certification and approvals. â â Cosmopolitan in thought and deed To ensure that our international alignment permeates all levels of the company, we encourage the exchange of staff between...

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Focus customer - 12

We love our new exotic environment! Typica l on th for India: e side c of th ows e roa d rner! Exotic weste er e h rath oon atastrop Monsow c sn than Sina with an Indian dance troupe: visiting the “Five Rathas”, a group of five monolithic temples. DERN P FACILITY RODUCTION IN INDIA Shore Temple of Mamallapuram KING DAY TYPICAL WOR NAI IN CHEN

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Focus customer - 13

the way of life here: apart from the exotic surroundings, we have been deeply impressed by the tremendous motivation of our Indian colleagues and the wide variety of tasks. We still have to get used to a few things though, such as the meaning of Indian times or cows in the middle of the street… It’s great to see the world from a different perspective for a change and to learn something new every day. One challenge, for example, is the local interpretation of “yes” and “no”: “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean the other person agrees and a clear “no” is very rare. In the meantime, however, even...

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Focus customer - 16

â â Technological leader with a long tradition R. STAHL’s success story is closely linked with pioneering innovations in safety tech­ nology: from the introduction of plastics for enclosing explosion-protected switching devices in the Sixties, to the first-ever use of LEDs in switchboards in the Seventies, to the first explosion-protected fieldbus in the Eighties – the list of highly innovative solutions is long and carries on right up to the present day. â â Basic research for tomorrow’s technologies In order to protect our cutting edge in future, we have pooled a major portion of our...

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Focus customer - 17

â â Partner for the development of international standards R. STAHL has long been actively shaping current standards on explosion protection as a member of numerous national and international committees. This enables us to integrate our own findings into international standards, while at the same time receiving valuable information at an early stage which we can use in our development projects. Our close global partnerships with universities and institutes help complement our own development efforts and expand our know-how – e.g. in the form of fundamental research on explosion protection...

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Focus customer - 18

â â A close attachment – lasting 137 years and counting Ever since Rafael Stahl founded the company in 1876 with products for the textile industry, R. STAHL has maintained its unique corporate culture: a passion for innovation, a culture of mutual respect and a striving for sustainable growth have all been the hallmarks of our company over the past 137 years. The founding family’s substantial shareholding ensures that these values are still lived today and provides the Executive Board with considerable scope to shape the company’s development. As an international technology group, R. STAHL...

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