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The new generation of explosion protected plugs and sockets connection cross-sectional area of 6 mm 2 . The plugs are has a name: SolConeX. It is manufactured by R. STAHL Schalt- equipped with a unique, interior ”swing-away” strain relief most modern which guarantees an easy, error-free wiring connection. most modern geräte GmbH and it’s the world’s product series of its type. SolConeX SolConeX is the first plug-and-socket series that can retrofitable accommodate up to two optional, retrofitable is the innovative follow-up series to the reliable, auxiliary contacts. An integration in an automation system com- after the initial installation is surprisingly easy to implement patible with predecessor plugs and sockets. Whether due to the optionally available Ex i auxiliary contacts. The plugs the 16 A or the 32 A version, these plugs and sockets combine and sockets have been designed to meet all international user-friendly installation, safety without compromise and installation technologies. The coding for voltage, frequency globally trusted CES family and is of course 100 % compatible unique modular flexible unique new advantages. The modular design supports a flexible range of applications. The easily and pin configuration meets IEC 60309 requirements. As a result, these plugs and sockets can be used around around the world recognised, large switching handle is now integrated in the the world. SolConeX, our new global player, is certified socket flange along with the load isolating switch. This in accordance with ATEX for the use in Zone 1, Zone 2, simplifies safe installation in the spacious terminal chamber, Zone 21 and Zone 22. The high level of protection (IP 66) in making the engineering of small socket panels possible and all positions of use assures that these devices have their place compact significantly reduces the weight of the compact sockets. For long distances between the distribution panel and the sockets the 16 A SolConeX now offers a maximum in multiple applications.

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Special versions with intrinsically safe auxiliary contacts Explosion protection Material, enclosure Cable entries Technical Data Rated voltage Rated current Switching capacity Ambient temperature Auxiliary contacts Rated voltage Rated current In Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 EZ Type 8570 (16 A): PTB 03 ATEX 1227, Type 8571 (32 A): applied for Sockets, plugs and flange sockets (fitted into an Ex e housing) <g Plug 8570/12 (16 A): 1 x 1,5-4 mm2 fine-strand flexible s Plug 8571/12 (32 A): 1 x 2,5-10 mm2 fine-strand flexible Socket 8571/1 1 (32 A): 13-21 mm (M32) For more information...

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