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WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF EXPLOSION PROTECTION. Nothing moves the corporate world more today than the magical 4.0. Digital progress is transforming whole industries and will become a key leverage of competitiveness in the future. This is a major challenge for all of us, but also a huge opportunity to take explosion protection to the next level. With ‘Ex 4.0 – the next level of explosion protection’ we present future-proof solutions for your specic requirements. As a leading provider R. STAHL ensures maximum reliability and quality for explosion protection safety in both extremely hot and...

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WELCOME TO R. STAHL, THE HOME OF EX 4.0. We aim to lead the way in state-of-the-art technology and meet every challenge: with Ex 4.0. So our customers can always be sure that they have opted for the most appropriate sustainable solution that is internationally approved and adapted to specic environmental conditions. R. STAHL holds international certications and licenses, as well as many patents. Our products and solutions function with exceptional reliability even in the most extreme conditions, from desert climates with sandstorms and harsh maritime environments to very low sub-zero...

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One of the major principles of Ex 4.0 is to improve safety through connectivity. This is a major touch point where Industry 4.0 interfaces with process engineering. And this is why R. STAHL focuses on the integration of products and solutions. Ultimately, only the perfect integration of all networks, devices and protocols can guarantee the highest level of protection, improved efciency and precision control. And as Ex 4.0 connectivity solutions have the primary goal of meeting the requirements of the 21st century, you can not only connect them in many ways – they were designed as an...

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CONNECT THE WORLD: CONNECTIVITY WITH EX PROTECTION BY R. STAHL. REMOTE I/O IS1+ WITH ETHERNET OPEN CCTV SOLUTIONS RADIO POSITION SWITCH 8074/1-8 The most exible remote I/O for all communication needs Simple, fast integration of cameras in video surveillance solutions High-tech panel PC, also for exceptionally harsh environments New: Seamlessly integrate WirelessHART eld devices into automation systems Solutions for signal transmission via radio • Seamless use of Industrial Ethernet technology, even in hazardous areas • Network connections • Dual Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID/card reader,...

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OVERCOME EVERY HURDLE WITH OUR PRODUCTS. AND CUT THE RED TAPE. GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS Progress is bounded neither by national frontiers nor language barriers. This is why it is so important to have an experienced partner you can rely on. A partner who exactly knows the regulations that need to be complied with. We are your partner: no matter where in the world you wish to make things move, we transform your requirements into solutions that are guaranteed to work. Thanks to the international certications of our products and system solutions, they can be used quickly and...

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Eurasian Economic Union GLOBAL CERTIFICATIONS YOU DON’T HAVE TO BOTHER ABOUT CERTIFICATIONS: OUR PRODUCTS ARE COMPLIANT. WORLDWIDE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS EASY TO IMPLEMENT THE INTERNATIONAL REMOTE I/O SYSTEM CONTROL DEVICE SYSTEM SERIES CONSIG 8040 New: Customized wireless solutions for hazardous areas Products and systems approved according to international and regional standards Can be used in all hazardous areas Zone 1 and 2 and Div. 1 and 2 Acoustic-optical signaling device with all key international certicates One device, worldwide implementation (minor initial adjustments) • Enables use of...

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COME RAIN OR SHINE, OUR PRODUCTS CAN COPE. HARSH ENVIRONMENT WATER 15 HARSH ENVIRONMENT WATER Regardless of whether on the sea bed, on windblown offshore rigs, corrosive tanks in industrial plants or simply in hot, humid tropical climates: our Ex 4.0 products ensure that your project is completed safely. And thanks to extensive stress tests we guarantee not only perfect working order, but constant ease of use for our products even in the most humid of environments. We keep you aoat with your projects – even when you’re wading in deep waters.

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HARSH ENVIRONMENT WATER WATER FINDS ITS WAY. BUT NOTHING GETS PAST OUR WATER STRESS TEST. PLUG AND SOCKET DEVICES SolConeX 8570 and 8572 LED TUBULAR LIGHT FITTING 6039 LED PENDANT LIGHT FITTING 6050/5 Specially developed for harsh environments like marine or offshore rigs This camera is waterproof thanks to IP68 and can withstand up to 5 bar water pressure With IP66 in all mounting positions The tubular luminaire offers high IP protection and long-lasting LED technology Thanks to IP68 this pendant light tting can also be used underwater • Robust (with degree of protection IP66) • Available...

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EXPLOSION PROTECTION ON THE ROCKS. HARSH ENVIRONMENT COLD HARSH ENVIRONMENT COLD Our products and solutions are often exposed to very low sub-zero ambient temperatures. In many regions in the world temperatures of –55 °C are not uncommon during winter months. No matter how cold it is many R. STAHL products and solutions are tested and approved for use at very low sub-zero temperatures and turn these sub-zero areas into zero-risk zones. And because every unit must also function as part of a larger system, R. STAHL products are designed as team players. So even in the most adverse conditions,...

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HARSH ENVIRONMENT COLD FEEL COMFORTABLE EVEN AT VERY LOW TEMPERATURES. LED TUBULAR LIGHT FITTING 6036 GROUNDING MONITORING DEVICE 8485 Suitable for very low temperatures down to –55 °C For ambient temperatures down to –40 °C Operation close to machines in temperature ranges from –40 °C to +65 °C Easy operation of systems at ambient temperatures of –60 °C to +100 °C • The 6036 light ttings are identical to 2 x 36 W uorescent lights in terms of illuminating power • Exceptionally robust thanks to Ex m type of protection and enclosure in 316L stainless steel • The monitoring device prevents...

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