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your safety our reality In many sectors of industry, inflammable substances such as gases, vapours or mists escape during manufacture, processing, transport and storage. Inflammable dusts are produced in some processes. These inflammable gases, vapours, mists and dusts can form a potentially explosive atmosphere with the oxygen in the air. If this atmosphere ignites, explosions occur that can cause serious injuries and damage. We are uncompromising Users in the effective prevention of this situation occurring, as your safety is what > Oil and gas industry • production • storage • transport...

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competence _ where safety is uncompromising 4 the most important types of protection 5 hundred percent _ quality tested 10 togehter _ customer-specific system solutions 12 from identifying the solution to the finished product 13 safety guaranteed _ with label and manual 20 without borders _ for every application 22

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Ex i Ex d intrinsic safety Output (Hazardous area) The equipment used in the potentially explosive atmosphere contains only intrinsically safe circuits. A circuit is intrinsically safe if no sparks and no thermal effect can cause the ignition of a potentially explosive atmosphere. For this purpose the energy in the circuit is limited via the parameters current, voltage, inductance and capacitance. Ex e Ex p increased safety pressurised enclosure Ex tD protection by enclosure With this type of protection, potentially explosive gases are purged out of a sealed enclosure. Then an overpressure...

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competenceis uncompromising where safety > All types of protection covered Worldwide R. STAHL is a pioneer in the explosion protection sector. The development and production of electrical components and systems > Over 3000 certifications for explosion protection worldwide for potentially explosive atmospheres is rigorously advanced.Spectacular > Over 70 active patents parallel, the specialists at R. STAHL work together with national and > Numerous publications in the international technical press international committees to define new principles and continually > Member of many...

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hundred percent quality inspected Systems and plants for potentially explosive atmospheres are subject to strict safety regulations. R. STAHL provides custom, technically advanced solutions including all the related advice and service. In our laboratory, accredited by independent test centres and continually checked by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (the national standards laboratory of Germany), all the important tests can be performed directly at any time. During the entire development and production phase, the quality management at R. STAHL safeguards the high quality of the...

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together customer-specific system solutions The rapid rate of change in research, development and the regulatory framework, as well as the continuous structural change of recent years require versatile, committed customer support. R. STAHL is tackling this challenge. We offer our customers constructive advice and support. It is not always easy to find the right, economic solutions in the explosion protection sector. With our many years of experience and our international contacts, we are able to develop a safe, tailor-made system solution together with the customer. Here our knowledge and...

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Distributing and Controlling - 10

solution identification technical implementation production > Preparation and development of individual solutions together with the customer > Complex computer-based technical calculations, preparation of documentation and plans > Several production sites worldwide that are always state-of-the-art > Analysis of customer-specific production processes and requirements > Large component portfolio for exactly matched, safe and cost-effective solutions > Engineers and software specialists with international experience > Cross-product, company-wide system solutions and services > Comprehensive...

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Machine control system with motor starter Power distribution El CUBEx control panel > Combination of a connection chamber > 3 mounting levels inside the flameproof > Mounting of electrical equipment in > The power circuits and the controls, > Integration or installation equipment > Most compact design

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certified approvals worldwide R. STAHL is a world leading manufacturer of explosion protected components and systems. We provide our customers all over the world with specific, technically advanced solutions including all the related advice and service. This situation requires international collaboration during the planning, installation and operation of these system solutions. The necessary components must be matched to all conditions approved worldwide and the conditions in the specific case. The specialists at R. STAHL also work together with national and international committees and...

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safety guaranteed with label and manual Safety in potentially explosive atmospheres can only be ensured by good, close collaboration between all involved. The operating organisation is responsible for the safety of its plant. R. STAHL does everything to support the customer with this responsibility. From the start, from the evaluation of the risks of explosion to initial placing in operation, competent staff are available to help our customers. With our many years of experience and our wide-ranging knowledge, we are able to develop and produce a one hundred percent safe solution for...

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without every application borders for R. STAHL is at home the world over and we are always somewhere near you. With great commitment, competent teams tackle our customers‘ wishes and ensure they comply with national conditions and the conditions International certification > IECEx, CENELEC and NEC Ambient temperature range > – 20°C … + 40°C > – 50°C … + 55°C > Others on request Sea water resistant > Stainless steel, AISI 316 L > GRP > Copper-free aluminium Safe and reliable technology > Quality assurance is implemented in all manufacturing steps and is one of our major management principles...

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