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CATALOGUE 2018 - 1

EX 4.0: PRODUCTS, SYSTEMS AND SERVICES FOR THE FUTURE For decades now, R. STAHL has been providing safety solutions for hazardous areas, and in this latest catalogue we compile our complete product portfolio, which is broadly categorised into lighting, installation and control, automation solutions and signalling. Utilise our world-class expertise for your Ex requirements from the planning stage right upto the installation phase. In our in-depth and extensive range of seminars, we offer technical consultation with experienced specialists as a part of our solutions. Make the best use of our software solutions that will support you in legally required tests and obligatory documentation. This demonstrates yet again that R. STAHL is a pioneer in explosion protection. Our Ex 4.0 solutions comprises of high end and tailored explosion protection concepts -v which feature maximum safety, longevity, flexibility and functionality. You will be able to reduce your expenditure, save costs and increase your long-term competitiveness. Explore our innovative next-generation explosion protection in this catalogue. We are your strong partner, whom you can always rely on, wherever you are. We are the strongest link.

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 2

P  RODUCT Home valid as of MarchCATALOGUE 2018 2018 General Condition of Sales and Delivery, Preferred Products, WebCode Safety Barriers Applications | Single-​ hannel Safety Barriers | Dual-​ hannel Safety Barriers C C Isolators General | Power Supply | Ex i-​solators ‒ Digital Input | Ex i-​solators ‒ Analog Input | Ex i-​solaI I I tors ‒ Analog Output | Ex i-​solators ‒ Digital Output | Ex i-​solators ‒ Temperature Input | System I I Components | Non-​ x i-​solators ‒ Analog Output | Non-​ x i-​solators ‒ Digital Output | Non-​ x i-​ E I E I E Isolators ‒ Temperature Input Remote I/O...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 3

PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018 valid as of March 2018 Lighting Bulkhead Light Fittings | Compact Emergency Luminaire | Compact Light Fittings | Tank Inspection Lights | Linear Luminaire with LED | Emergency Luminaire with LED EXLUX | Linear Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps | Emergency Luminaire for Fluorescent Lamps | Tubular Light Fittings | Pendant Light Fittings | Floodlights | Hand Lamps for Mains Connection | Portable Lamps | Hand Lamps with Batteries Installation Equipment Installation Switch | Junction Boxes | Terminal Boxes | Empty Enclosures | Plugs and Sockets Control Devices Position...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 4

Home Conditions of Sales and Delivery, Preferred Products Conditions of Sales and Delivery The list on hand will be valid as of 2018-03-01. All lists published up to now, including the technical specifications and the conditions of sale and delivery, will then be no longer valid and will be replaced by the list on hand. Product Segments PS In the present “Condensed Catalogue“ you will find an associated product segment with every item number. This allows a computerized classification of defined product segments and delivery conditions. All deliveries and services are based on our “General...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 6

With the new website, we offer a virtual experience into the innovative world of R. STAHL. Get to know our comprehensive product portfolio, sophisticated system solutions and their diverse applications on the website. We invite you to explore the new website and enjoy its salient features such as the easy navigation, perfect product filters and accurate search results. The new website is classic and ingenious with its features and functions. STAHL PRODUCTS SYSTEMS INDUSTRIES SEMINARS AND TRAINING SUPPORT SAFETY IN THE BOX- Input Productname or Webcode EX D EMPTY ENCLOSURES ATEX, lECEx...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 7

HTAHi_e DIGITAL OUTPUT MODULE 8-CHANNEL VERSION FOR ZONE 1 SERIES 9475/32-08-XX Product Description: Remote I/O ISI-i- Digital Output Module • Eight channels for Ex i solenoid valves • Ex ia outputs with line fault monitoring and LED error and status indication for each channel plus SIL 2 shutdown input • modules in Zone 1 can be hot swapped Product information - Precise and perfect: The product pages are definite and categorical with information on the products, key features, technical data and the extensive downloads that include the data sheets, technical specifications, drawings and...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 8

Dual-Channel Safety Barriers Dual-Channel Safety Barriers • • 9002 15 9002A Single-Channel Safety Barriers Safety Barriers with Electronic Current LiHitation Single-Channel Safety Barriers Accessories and Spare Parts Accessories and Spare Parts Series 9001, 9002, 9004 | 21 Dimensional Drawings Dimensional Drawings Series 9001, 9002, 9004 22 SAFETY BARRIERS

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 9

Safety Barriers Overview Typical Applications Symbol INTRINSPAK Type i/p converter, control valve, indicator Field circuit grounded Contact, optocoupler output Switch (load at +) Field circuit grounded Switch (load grounded) Field circuit grounded Solenoid valve, LED indicator Field circuit grounded Field circuit floating Thermocouple, mV signals Field circuit floating Resistance thermometer (RTD), Potentiometer Pt100, 2-wire connection Field circuit floating Strain gauge load cells 350 Ω or 700 Ω 6-wire ± 7.5 V (15 V) Field circuit floating 350 Ω 6-wire + 10 V Field circuit floating 350 Ω...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 10

For the intrinsically safe operation of a wide range of devices, such as HART transmitters, solenoid valves, sensors, zero-potential contacts and many more Compact, space-saving devices that are easy to install on a DIN rail Quick to install as barriers can be simultaneously snapped onto rail and connected to PE The 9001 series INTRINSPAK single-channel safety barriers enable the intrinsically safe operation of virtually all field devices. The comprehensive portfolio and the combination of safety barriers cover a wide variety of signals. The devices are incredibly robust and require little...

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CATALOGUE 2018 - 11

Single-Channel Safety BarriersSeries 9001 Selection Table ▲ Preferred products - in stock or available at short notice 27-Feb-2018- PK-en

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