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WebCode information On our website we provide you with comprehensive details of our lighting technology and other product data. To obtain the desired information rapidly, you are best to use our product webcode, and you will find that information in this brochure for every product. This is how the WebCode search function works: just enter the WebCode at the top right of our website.

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Great Ideas, Reliable Solutions, Perfect Lighting: R. STAHL! Do you need reliable and safe lighting solutions for rough operating conditions and areas at risk of explosion? Our innovative and internationally certified products will delight you with their: - efficiency - ease of maintenance - vibration resistance - seawater resistance - broad temperature range On the next few pages, discover our: - linear luminaires - tubular light fittings - floodlights - hand lamps - compact light fittings - emergency lighting / central battery units - individual turnkey solutions - software for lighting...

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Germany: LED lighting technology for heavy land-based drilling rigs Land-based drilling rigs suitable for global operation need to have specialist lighting technology. The luminaires must cover a broad temperature range, must be spacesaving, and resistant to vibration and seismic movement. The slimline LED tubular light fittings 6036 and 6039 are pre-destined for this kind of application. They are easy to install, are virtually zero-maintenance units and are characterized by their long service life. Italy: 10-fold service life at extremely high ambient temperatures Due to high ambient...

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Global Projects Success stories from R. STAHL Australia: Inspection in plant reduces on-site cost Explosion-protected products with ignition protection status nR (restricted breathing) require a vacuum test to be conducted after installation. We developed an nR solution that greatly simplifies the on-site installation work for the operator. This solution is used e.g. in our pendant light fitting 6470. After installation of the lighting, all that is required is a visual inspection. India: LED linear luminaires combine cost savings with future-proofing. Our new LED linear luminaires EXLUX...

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R.STAHL – Lights in tune with the latest trends Ever since the efficiency of white LEDs has exceeded the efficiency of conventional light sources, R. STAHL has been offering also LED luminaires for general lighting. Apart from explosion protection, state-of-the-art solutions for light sources and electronic equipment play a decisive role. LED luminaires from R. STAHL have a large number of tangible benefits that are unique on the market. Consider in particular the facts that are important for your system, such as service life, efficiency, weight and temperature range!

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Very Low Light- ExtremB Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service lil Very Low Light- Extreme Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service lil Very Low Light- Extreme Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service life Very Low Light- Extreme Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service lil LED Tubular Light Fitting 6039 Very Low Light- Extreme Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service lil LED Pendant Light Fitting 6056 Very Low Light- Extreme Long economical maintenance weight temperatures service lil

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LED Tubular Light Fittings & Linear Luminaires LED Tubular Light Fitting 6036 The versatile pioneer among LED lighting: 6036 LED tubular light fitting The LED tubular light fitting 6036 is a very lightweight and vibrationresistant light with high-performance LEDs based on an innovative design. Nevertheless, it is characterized by outstanding ruggedness. In everyday working life, they can be used as general lighting. The LED tubular light fitting 6036 is distinguished by an extremely long service life and very low weight. LED Tubular Light Fitting 6039 The smallest LED tubular light fitting...

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LED Linear Luminaire EXLUX 6002 The EXLUX 6002 linear luminaire is the new flagship product, equipped with LED high-performance technology. This luminaire combines all of the advantages of safe and economical illumination of zones 1 and 21: at the same lighting intensity and lower power intake, the LED linear luminaire replaces its counterpart for fluorescent lamps 2 x 18 W or 2 x 36 W. At the same time, EXLUX 6002 is easy to maintain and cuts operating costs by virtue of its superlative energy efficiency. High-quality LED modules and the related ballast guarantee very long service life of...

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Linear Luminaires The robust generation of linear luminaires for fluorescent lamps EXLUX 6001 and 6009 certified in acc. with IECEX 60079-0 (dated 2007-10) has been designed for long-term and future-proof service. The emergency lighting variant EXLUX 6009 simplifies maintenance through automatic self-tests. The EXLUX 6001 can be installed as a bulkhead light fitting or as a pole mounted light fitting. The luminaire for fluorescent lamps is available in versions 2 x 18 W, 2 x 36 W and 2 x 58 W and serves as general lighting. Convertible to LED with upgrade kit Emergency Luminaire EXLUX 6009...

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The enclosure of the linear luminaire 6600 consists of glassfibre-reinforced polyester resin and the translucent cover consists of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Fast-acting connections enable the luminaire to open and close rapidly. Frequently, this luminaire is used for general lighting The Economy model has an internal battery and an emergency light service of 1.5 hours. The emergency service life of the standard version is variable, with a choice of anywhere between 1.5 and 3.0 hours. An external battery box facilitates fast and simple replacement of the battery.

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Sheet Steel Light Fittings ECOLUX Metal 6010/6610 The sheet steel light fitting 6010/6610 is equipped with a glass panel made of plastic and complies with the new IECEx standard. Its special design is particularly suitable for use on ships and platforms. The enclosure is available in the variants of powder-coated sheet steel as well as stainless steel S304 or S316. Sheet Steel Luminaire 6014/6414 The sheet steel luminaire 6014/6414 can be used as pendant light fitting. With available accessories, it can be used as a wall-mounted light or as a built-in luminaire. Sheet Steel Emergency...

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