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> Intrinsically safe Ex ia IIC, Ex e, Ex nA or Ex nL inputs and outputs > Fieldbus communication: Modbus RTU, Profibus DP V0 and DP V1 HART, Industrial Ethernet, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET > Hot swap for all modules > Full redundancy or media redundancy > Optional ServiceBus for parameterization, fault diagnostics and HART communication > DTM technology for full access to all system and HART field device information > Field enclosures in many versions, engineered to choice IS1+ is extremely simple to use: A CPU & Power Module and several input/output modules are snapped on to the BusRail (35 mm DIN rail). The unique power supply concept, developed especially for use in hazardous areas, makes system planning as simple as for normal industrial I/O systems. Plug & play without separate engineering tools. IS1+ is particularly flexible: Suitable for small and big signal quantities with field stations installed in safe or explosive atmospheres. An intrinsically safe fieldbus using copper-wire or fibre-optic technology connects field stations in Zone 1 / Division 1 with the automation devices. The system is completely HART transparent. IS1+ is extremely economical: Modules with 8 or 16 inputs lower the price per signal. DTM technology is used for full integration into standard Asset Management and Engineering systems allowing easy and fast commissioning, trouble shooting and maintenance. ATEX / IECEx Class I Class II Class III Restrictions see table explosion protection

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Overview of the system components 1> when installed in Zone 1 only; in Zone 2: RS485

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AK00_III - 3

A4 System Description The IS1 system provides a modern, cost-effective and flexible remote I/O system with intrinsically safe inputs and outputs, suitable for direct installation in hazardous areas. The uniform system concept permits installation in Zone 1 / Division 1, in Zone 2 / Division 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in a safe area. Suitable enclosures for different Zones, Classes and Divsions are available. Inputs and outputs are optimized for the sensors and actuators used in process technology. CPU & Power Module I/O Modules Plug-in terminals The integration of different fieldbuses permits...

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AK00_III - 4

Redundancy The high system availability that is required for applications in the process industry is guaranteed through a proven redundancy concept. Various redundancy stages permit adaptation to the availability requirements of the user: • Fieldbus cable redundancy (Line redundancy) • CPU & Power Module redundancy (Full redundancy) The internal bus of an IS1 field station is always redundantly configured. Redundant CPU & Power Module Redundant fieldbus cable 07670E02 Line redundancy Full redundancy Fieldbus plug connector All modules in the IS1 system can be replaced at any time during...

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AK00_III - 5

A4 Fieldbus The fieldbus is the connection between the CPU & Power Module and the automation system. Input and output data between the field stations and the automation equipment are exchanged over the fieldbus. Fieldbuses that can be connected: • Profibus DP V0 and DP V1 HART, up to 1.5 MBit / s • Modbus RTU, up to 38.4 kBit / s • Industrial Ethernet / Modbus TCP Depending on the functionality of the fieldbus, the following functions are supported: • Configuration of the IS1 field station or read back the configuration • Load the modules with parameters • Read/write input and output data •...

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AK00_III - 6

Asset Management and HART The process value of a HART field device is always transmitted as an analog signal along with the 4 ... 20 mA signal. Moreover, the HART variables (P1 ... PV4) of the HART I/O modules can be read and transmitted in floating point format (4 Byte IEEE) in the cyclic data exchange (Profibus DP V0) to the automation system. The IS1 field station behaves transparently for the exchange of HART commands between IS1 and engineering stations. The transmission of HART commands occurs either via the ServiceBus or the fieldbus (Profibus DP V1 HART, Modbus RTU, 1 The following...

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AK00_III - 7

A4 Examples of Application Combination of Electrical and Pneumatical Signals • Intrinsically safe solenoid valves with Remote I/O within a Zone 1 field station • Direct activation of the Ex i / I.S. solenoid valves via digital output modules IS1 • Reduction of cabling and required space • Communication with the automation system via Profibus DP (RS 485-IS) Loading Arm Control for Chemical-, Oil- and Gas Tankers Industry: Hazardous area: Installation: Machine and plan construction Zone 1 Shipping pier offshore harbour STAHL-assemblies: • Control equipment, Ex i / I.S. indicating lamps •...

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AK00_III - 8

Examples of Application Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Industry: Hazardous area: Installation: Oil & Gas Class I Division 1 Arabian Gulf Saudi Arabia Highlights: • Remote I/O system IS1 with Profibus DP communication • Fully assembled, tested and certified • Stand alone • Customized solution for Class I Division 1 installation • Stainless steel enclosure Series 8125 • High quality stainless steel for offshore use Combination of Remote I/O with Operator Interfaces Industry: Hazardous area: Installation: Chemical Zone 1 Outside Highlights: • Remote I/O System IS1 with Profibus DP communication...

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AK00_III - 9

A4 Application Remote I/O Symbol I/O-modules Series I/P converter, control valve I/P converter, HART control valve Resistance thermometer (RTD), potentiometer

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Application Remote I/O Symbol I/O-modules Series We reserve the right to make alterations to the technical data, dimensions, weights, designs and products available without notice. The illustrations cannot be considered binding.

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