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QUADREL LABELING SYSTEMS presents: Q34-Catalyst The Linerfree Labeling Solution Ditch linered pressure sensitive labels and start saving money. Introducing the Q34-Catalyst™ activated by NuLabel, the linerfree print-apply labeling solution. Reduce line downtime. Lower per label costs. Eliminate waste to landfill. Catalyst offers cost savings and efficiency gains, all while offering a zero-waste-to-landfill solution with no thermal transfer ribbon, no release liner, and no downtime tied to waste disposal. To learn more about cost savings for your brand, please visit www.linerfreelabels.com. 01 02 With no liner to feed onto the waste roll, a linerfree label roll is easier to load than standard PS rolls while adding over twice the number of labels per roll. Once fed to the printhead, the applicator is ready to run. Once the roll is loaded, the NuLabel media is activated by a water-based activation fluid as the label is being fed onto the tamp pad. The label is then cut to length and applied with a tamp-blow application. NuLabel’s activatable adhesive solution eliminates liner waste from the equation. This allows the machine to fit over twice as many labels on each roll when compared to pressure sensitive labels, while lowering label costs.

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50% Less changeovers by eliminating the liner and doubling the roll size. Roll changeovers eliminated for every 1 million 4X6” linerfree labels. Waste to landfill by eliminating the liner and using NuLabel linerfree label media. 2X The amount of NuLabel linerfree labels that fit on a roll when compared to a PS label roll. The number of additional 4X6” NuLabel linerfree labels that can fit on one 12.00”Max OD label roll when compared to a pressure sensitive label roll. Dimensions: 33.98”L x 25.05”W x 23.23”H Electrical: 115 VAC, 60 cycle, 5 amps; overload protection built in; 220 VAC, 50...

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