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Q33 Printer Applicator Q33 Printer Applicator The Q33 Printer Applicator is the most rugged Printer Applicator in its class and is specifically designed for the most demanding Print and Apply, RFID or Linerless labeling applications. Design features include a machined 5/8” thick side plate and integrated electronics with a choice of microprocessor or non-proprietary PLC controls. The solid construction and wide variety of rugged label application modules give the Q33 print and apply system the flexibility for nearly any industrial application. With the heated enclosure option, the Q33 printer applicator is capable of 24/7 reliability in the harshest and wettest environments. • Robust stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction • Microprocessor controls with intuitive password protected menus 50 programmable product presets Quick disconnect electronics with integrated optical sensors Integrated U-Mount style mounting yoke 24/7 reliability “Straight” web path compatible with most RFID and Linerless labels 08/10

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Capabilities QUALITY/ FLEXIBILITY STANDARD FEATURES This fully modular Q33 printer applicator is available with a number of modules including air-tamp, air-blow, tampblow, wipe-on and various pneumatic swing arms for side, top, leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap labeling applications. Low label, low ribbon, end of ribbon and end of label faults are included with a two lamp fault indicator. Size: 28.57” width x 18.3” length Approximate Net Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.(45kg) Actual Labeling Rate: Dependent upon dispense speed and label feed length (up to 100 ppm) Accuracy: Up to +/-1/32”...

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