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PUDA,movable packing machine,DCS-YDBZ,chemical and industrial

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Optional Equipments for Packing Machine DCS-YDBZ Movable Packing Machine DCS-ZX Bag-shaping Machine This type of machine is widely used with semi- or full automatic packing machines. The function of this machine is to shape the filled bag to be easier for stacking. Our design features with fast speed, good shaping result and easy to operate. The design can be customized to customer’s work site and the adjustable shaping board is suitable for all type of materials. Structure Function and Application: This type of machine is specially designed to work for grain depot, port or dock and needing to change working sites frequently. The wall of the container is made of corrugated steel sheet with function of thermal insulation, fire and vibration proofing. It can operate smoothly under negative 30 degrees. Inside the container, the weighing and packing system could be customized into single, double or multiple stations. Suitable materials include grain, feed, fertilizer, PVC, etc. Technical Parameters: • Conveying Speed: 12-18m/min • Working Capacity: 400600bag/hour • Equipment Power: 4kw Introduction of Characteristics and Parameters: The type of packing machine can be changed according to customer’s materials Movable Packing Machine for Open Mouth Bag • Weighing Range: 25-80kg/bag • Packing Speed with double stations: 16-20 bags/minute, packing speed with four stations:32-40 bags/minute (packing speed depends on the material's features and package material) • Weighing Error: ≤±0.2%/bag • Pulling Speed: 10 kilometers/hour • Net Weight of the Whole Machine: about 4800Kg • Designing Voltage: AC 220440 ±10%, 50Hz ( customers should finalize local voltage and frequency) • Total Power:16-20 kilowatt /set • Air Source: pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa; dry compressed air, air consumption: 1.5 m³/min/set • Suitable Environment: altitude: ≤ 2000 meters, ambient humidity: ≤95% Non-congealable Dew, operating temperature-30℃50℃, storage temperature-45℃80℃ • Feeding Method: gravity free flowing • Operating Efficiency:Continuous working 24 hours, it needs 4 people to operate this machine • Packing and Weighing Method: Manually applying bag, automatic clamping bag, automatic weighing, automatic filling, and manual sealing bag and with pulling hook. DCS-PD Belt Conveyor Our belt conveyor works for bulk materials, cartons or filled bags, etc. We have many models available, such as curved, inclined, angled or flexible, etc. The length could be customized to customer’s need. Our belt conveyors are built tough, yet designed and engineered to minimize impact damage to products on belt. They have features of stability, low noise, easy maintenance and long life. Configuration High quality of electronic parts is used to ensure high quality of operation. The material of the conveying belt is made with rubber, rubber and plastic, PVC, PU, stainless steel mesh, and stainless steel terminal pad, etc. Working Principle: DCS-FB Sewing Machine When the weight reaches the pre-set value, load cell sends out signal and arc gate closes, the valve on bottom of the weigh hopper opens, discharging the material into bag. Clamping device opens and the filled bag is conveyed to sealing machine and the packing machine is ready for next packing process. This series of sewing machines are suitable for paper, gunny, or plastic woven bag in food, chemical industry, etc. Our advanced technology ensures the features of stable sewing speed, wearable for long time running, easy to operate and maintain. Movable Packing Machine for Valve Bag Technical Parameters: • Motive Power: 380415V 50Hz • Operating Temperature: -10℃50℃ • Sewing Speed: 2000 r.p.m. • Max Sewing Speed: 2700 r.p.m. • Max Sewing Thickness: 8mm • Stitch Range: 711.5mm • Sewing Thread: double lines • Thread Spec.: 20s/920s/6 Chemical Fiber Thread • Height Range of Presser Foot: 11-16mm • Needle Mode: DR-H30#26

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