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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet - 4 Pages

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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet

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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet CMOS, EMCCD AND CCD CAMERAS FOR LIFE SCIENCES Back Illuminated Scientific CMOS Discovery depends on every photon Prime 95B is the Scientific CMOS with extreme sensitivity using high Quantum Efficiency (QE) Backside Illumination (BSI), a first for Scientific CMOS cameras. The 95B’s sensor converts up to 95% of incident photons into a measurable signal. Unlike microlens approaches to increasing QE, which lose effectiveness as objective magnification is increased, Prime 95B’s BSI sensor brings light into the pixel photodiode from behind, avoiding structures that reflect or absorb light. When combined with large 11µm pixels, Prime 95B can deliver over 300% more signal than other sCMOS cameras at 100X magnification. Primary applications: Super-Resolution Microscopy More importantly, Prime 95B outperforms EMCCD cameras—with no excess noise that negates the benefit of using a high QE sensor, and additional limitations from EM gain calibration, stability, expense, and sensor lifetime With a true 16-bit dynamic range, Prime 95B easily accomplishes what EMCCD can not—detect weak and bright signals within the same image with photon-noise limited performance. Confocal Microscopy Single Molecule Fluorescence Light Sheet Microscopy The extreme sensitivity not only allows fainter signals to be detected, it provides the flexibility to increase frame rates, or turn down the excitation intensity to reduce cellular photo-damage. Yet Prime 95B maintains the same high frame rates, field-of-view and extremely low read noise that has made sCMOS so popular for live-cell imaging. 95% Quantum Efficiency 11µm x 11µm Pixel Area 1.3e- Read Noise (median) 41fps @ 16-bit / 82fps @ 12-bit High Quantum Efficiency 95% Peak QE Maximizes ability to detect weak signals, enables short exposure times for high frame rates, minimizes phototoxicity across a wide range of wavelengths Large 11µm Pixel Size Maximize light collection while maintaining proper spatial sampling Extremely Low Read Noise Maximize your ability to detect faint fluorescence Fast Frame Rates Capture highly dynamic events with high temporal resolution Large Field of View Maximize the number of cells that can be tracked and monitored per frame Enhanced Dynamic Range Measure both bright and dim signal levels within the same image 61,500:1 Dynamic Range (95.8 dB) Multiple Expose Out Triggering Control up to four light sources for multi-wavelength acquisitions SMART Streaming Faster acquisition rates with variable exposures, ideal for multi-probed live cell imaging Compatible with Multiple Expose Out Triggering

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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet 1.4 Megapixel BSI CMOS Sensor Backside Illuminated Sensor 1.3e- Read Noise (Median) >95% peak QE 80,000e- full well 11 x 11μm pixels 18.7mm diagonal Easily Mounted and Secured C-mount Two ¼”-20 mounting holes per side Convenient Interface 16-bit Data • 41fps 12-bit Data • 82fps Multiple Cooling Options Forced Air Cooling • -10ºC Cooling • Selectable Fan Speed Liquid Cooling • -25ºC Cooling • Leak-proof, quick-disconnect ports Advanced Triggering Capabilities Effective Global Shutter Up to four selectable expose-out lines

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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet Camera Performance GPixel GSense 144 BSI CMOS Gen IV, Grade 1 in imaging area Active Array Size Pixel Area Sensor Area Read Noise Full-Well Capacity Dynamic Range 80,000e- (Combined Gain) 4,500e- (High Gain) 61,500:1 (Combined Gain) 16-bit (Combined Gain) Readout Mode Rolling Shutter Effective Global Shutter Cooling Performance Sensor Temperature Dark Current Liquid Cooled Camera Interface Digital Interface Lens Interface Mounting Points 2 x ¼ 20” mounting points per side to prevent rotation Liquid Cooling Quick Disconnect Ports Triggering Mode...

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Prime 95B™ Scientific CMOS Camera Datasheet 100 Frame Rate (PCIe interface) QUANTUM EFFICIENCY (%) Array Size Accessories (Included) Accessories (Additional) PCIe Card/Cable Manuals and QuickStart Guide Liquid Circulator Trigger Cable Performance and Gain Calibration Test Data Liquid Cooling Tubes Power Supply Distance from C-mount to sensor Photometrics is a registered trademark. Prime 95B is a trademark of Photometrics. All other brand and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications in this datasheet are subject to change. Refer to the Photometrics website...

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