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DESK BOOKING PANEL-PC Applications DESK HOTELING Meeting rooms CO-WORK SPACE Desk partition/ Dividers Desk surfaces Internal speaker Multi touch Tamper proof Water resistant RFID (NFC) card reader

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RFID (NFC) CARD READER User authentication is made easy with the Qbic TD-0350 Panel. If you enable user authentication, users need to scan their RFID card or type in their personal pin code before a booking can be made. The RFID card reader allows users to check-in, book, extend and end their bookings with their RFID card. DESK BOOKING AT A BREEZE From the desk booking panel, you can easily book your desk for a couple of hours or for the entire day. Do you need your desk for a longer time than expected? Don’t worry. Just extend your booking directly from the display. Easily locate your seat...

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API SUPPORT Software integration is simple, we provide partners with our API and source codes. It also enables managing, controlling, setting multiple devices anywhere at anytime, including remote firmware updates via. web-based system. EASY MOUNTING Our desk booking touch display is designed to mount on any surface. The installation is very easy and does not cause any damages or permanent markings on the surface. The USB power cord is specifically designed to be tamper-proof to prevent any vandalism to the device. The desk booking panel connects to your network via WIFI. Mounting bracket...

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