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Verder Scientific - 2

André Verder starts RETSCH becomes GERO extends QNESS becomes Retsch Technology, trading pumps become Microtrac temperature range GERO operate VERDER Group. brand name CARBOLITE GERO

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Verder Scientific - 3

VERDER SCIENTIFIC – ALLIANCE FOR SCIENCE. AND A BETTER WORLD As part of the VERDER Group, the Scientific Division sets standards in the long-lasting products but also by our employees, many of whom have development and manufacture of modern, reliable laboratory and analysis been part of our success for decades. What makes us particularly proud: equipment. We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions for Our products are used in many areas which actively improve our sample preparation, treatment and analysis of solids. environment and quality of life. The precision of our instruments...

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Verder Scientific - 5

A CLASS OF ITS OWN IN PARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION Under the brand name of Microtrac MRB, three worldwide renowned manu- The three manufacturers continually strive to make particle analysis more facturers of particle analysis instruments have joined forces: Retsch Technology, accurate, more effective and more convenient. This goal is clearly reflected in product development and, in the past, has led to groundbreaking inventions in laser and image analysis technology. The result of this coalition is a product portfolio for particle characterization without parallel: The combined expertise and...

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Verder Scientific - 7

UNVEILING THE INVISIBLE Under the common brand name QATM, two of the most innovative and manufacture the entire product range at the respective premises. companies in the materialography and hardness testing sector, ATM and With a great deal of dedication and creativity, we produce machines which, QNESS, have joined forces. As manufacturers of high-quality machines and thanks to elaborate details, continually optimize operation for the user. software solutions, we know exactly what our customers need. In this process, we never lose sight of the latest technical developments. Our cut-off...

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Verder Scientific - 9

RETSCH’s success story began more than 100 years ago. With the patent THE PIONEERS IN SAMPLE HOMOGENIZATION size reduction of solid materials. registration for the first mechanic mortar grinder, the company’s founder laid the foundation for an unparalleled development. Today, laboratories all Instrumental analysis procedures are frequently complex and cost over the world use our mills, crushers and analytical sieve shakers to grind, intensive. That is why we share our profound application knowledge with our homogenize and characterize samples. customers in seminars, workshops and webinars....

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Verder Scientific - 11

ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS EXACT – ROBUST – DURABLE Since its foundation in 1981, ELTRA develops and manufactures powerful and reliability are indispensable. ELTRA analyzers are characterized by combustion analyzers for elemental analysis of a wide variety of solids. their robust design and high functionality for use in a production as well as These are used to reliably, reproducibly and precisely measure concentrations laboratory environment. of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen. In 2007, thermogravimetric analyzers were added to the portfolio. Today, ELTRA is one of worldwide Our...

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Verder Scientific - 13

FURNACES ARE OUR PASSION Ashing, drying, sintering, debinding, annealing – the list of heat treatment furnaces and ovens, there are still occasions when a standard design simply processes for which CARBOLITE GERO offers furnaces and ovens could be does not meet the user’s precise requirements. The development of such bespoke variations of the standard for complex heat treatment processes is our specialty. This ability makes us the leading solution provider for customers With two production and sales sites in the UK and Germany, CARBOLITE from fields like aerospace, engineering, material...

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Verder Scientific - 14

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER FOR CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS The VERDER SCIENTIFIC companies see themselves as solution providers. Our customers benefit from individual process and application consulting. We offer competent application support and technical assistance and share Our application experts process and measure your samples in our in-house our knowledge and expertise with our customers in seminars, webinars and application laboratory and provide recommendations for the most suitable APPLICATION CONSULTING SEMINARS & WEBINARS KNOWLEDGE BASE Processing and measuring samples in our in-houe...

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Verder Scientific - 15

GERMANY (HEADQUARTER) Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG Verder Shanghai Instruments Kangwei Road, Pudong District WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – ANYTIME ANYWHERE! Verder Scientific Austria GmbH Reitbauernweg 26 Verder SARL 8 Allée Rosa Luxembourg BRAZIL Verder Scientific Comércio de Equipamentos Ltda. Rua Continental number 146 09750-060 São Bernardo do Campo São Paulo T +55 11 4391 4145 E Eragny-sur-Oise E GREAT BRITAIN Verder Scientific UK Ltd. Parsons Lane Hope S33 6RB Hope Valley T +44 (0)845 458 5196 E INDIA...

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Verder Scientific - 16

Subject to technical modification and errors ∙ 98.002.0002/E-2020 VERDER SCIENTIFIC GmbH & Co. KG Retsch-Allee 1-5 42781 Haan · Germany

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