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Solutions for Materialography - 1

ADVANCED MATERIALOGRAPHY ADVANCED MATERIALOGRAPHY Cutting | Mounting | Grinding, Polishing, Etching | Analysis

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Solutions for Materialography - 2

ATM – Machines Are Our Passion Machines and equipment for the materialographic laboratory "made in Germany". ATM is a world-leading manufacturer of machines for materialography (metallography) used in quality control processes. We not only supply suitable instruments but also complete laboratories and consumables. Our cut-off machines, mounting presses, grinders/polishers/etchers as well as analysis systems are characterized by highest quality, flexibility and technical innovation. Thanks to the most advanced engineering technologies and manufacture of components in our own factory we are...

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Solutions for Materialography - 3

Integrated Solutions ATM is founded by Brigitte und Heinrich Müller in Wölmersen. We see ourselves as solution providers. In addition to our extensive product portfolio we offer competent application support and technical service. tion provider for the metallographic Application Consulting For us professional customer service is about offering individual and specific advice, by phone or in our application laboratory. At your request, our lab experts prepare your samples free-of-charge and recommend a product or method most suitable for your individual requirements. Range of lab furniture...

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Solutions for Materialography - 4

Wet Abrasive Cut-off Machines for All Requirements The size and geometry of a work piece may require sectioning into smaller pieces for examination. Successful sample preparation starts with correct cutting. To avoid deformation of the sample it is necessary to extract it as gently as possible from the material to be examined. Wet abrasive cut-off machines, adapted to requirements such as geometry or size of the work piece, guarantee low-contact cutting. The permanent stream of coolant as well as the use of different cutting modes help to avoid thermal damages and to remove cutting debris....

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Solutions for Materialography - 5

Wet Abrasive Cut-Off Machines – Floor Models The manual Brillant 255 and the automatic Brillant 265 are universal, robust and powerful wet abrasive cut-off machines used for complex work pieces. The larger Brillant 275 with its innovative operation and design concept meets the highest demands for available space and cutting possibilities. Equipped with electronic control with intuitive touchscreen operation it permits fully automated cutting processes. ATM’s innovative Brillant 3D allows precise cutting operations in as many as 5 directions at various angles, without the need to reposition...

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Solutions for Materialography - 6

CLAMPING SYSTEMS Easy Clamping System The unique Easy clamping base is suitable for almost all ATM machines and makes changing the clamping elements a matter of seconds. It is placed on the machine table and fixed or released with a single screw in no time. The various Easy clamping modules greatly facilitate your everyday work. The reliable fast lock vise or the suitable Easy clamping modules allow for a great variety of clamping options. Clamping tools and cutting equipment are used for a variety of tasks under different conditions. Our extensive range of clamping tools offers great...

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Solutions for Materialography - 7

Hot Mounting Presses The Opal series of hot mounting presses is fully hydraulic with water cooling for optimum sample mounting. Practically gapless mounting is achieved through different processes. Hot Mounting Presses The process sequence in water-cooled hot mounting presses runs fully automatically. Opal 480 features an innovative sliding closure which allows for quick and easy opening and closing of the mould assembly for maximum user convenience. Rectangular moulds can also be produced. Sliding Closure Modular Hot Mounting Presses Ø 25,2-50 The hot mounting press Opal X-Press was...

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Solutions for Materialography - 8

GRINDING | POLISHING | ETCHING Optimum Sample Preparation Grinding and polishing is the most important stage in the sample preparation process. The ultimate objective is to produce a deformation-free, scratch-free and highly refl ective surface revealing the microstructure of the sample material. This is a precondition for a meaningful and reliable evaluation under the microscope. Often only after etching contrasts become visible. The classical central pressure mode permits grinding and polishing of mounted, unmounted and oversized samples. In combination with a removal measurement it is...

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Solutions for Materialography - 9

GRINDING | POLISHING | ETCHING Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machines These machines have an integrated grinding and polishing head with sample holder securing a perfectly uniform and planar movement of the sample over the grinding wheel or the polishing cloth. The use of the sample holder allows simultaneous preparation of several samples. The machines provide reproducible results and configuration of numerous parameters. The grinding and polishing head ECO is conveniently controlled by the Saphir 250 A unit, while the Rubin 520 with its innovative touch-screen control and modern...

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Solutions for Materialography - 10

GRINDING | POLISHING | ETCHING System Integration Thanks to the modular design of the System Lab numerous combinations of grinding and polishing options are possible. For example, a sink and a cleaning station may be added and sedimentation or disposal units may be integrated into the cabinets. All connections are hidden in the system cabinet; the electronics are accessible from the front through a drawer. It is possible to equip the drawers with storage compartments for grinding discs, foils or papers. Retractable sedimentation tank Disc storage Compact Grinding and Polishing Robot The...

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Solutions for Materialography - 11

GRINDING | POLISHING | ETCHING Materialography On Site Saphir 300 is a simple tool for manual preparation of indestructible samples. Kristall 650 is an electrolytical polishing and etching unit which is easy to transport and which operates independently of the mains. It is ideal for usage outside the lab. The instrument offers a unique combination of easy operation and high functionality. Electrolytic Polisher and Etcher Kristall 680 is a fully automatic electrolytic polisher and etcher with intuitive touchscreen operation. Polishing and etching unit and control unit are separated so that...

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