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Saphir 550/560 - Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines


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Saphir 550/560 - Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines - 1

AUTOMATIC GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES AUTOMATIC GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES The Saphir 550 is a single wheel and the Saphir 560 is a twin wheel grinder and polisher with an innovative grinding and polishing head for working wheels Ø 200-300 mm. The automatic protective hood integrated in the head sets a new standard for operational safety. Single and central pressure, memory function, integrated dosing system, material removed measurement are only a few of the possibilities. Motor-driven height setting with pneumatic clamping meets highest demands GRINDING AND POLISHING HEAD Through the individual pressure of the head, samples with different diameter and materials can be worked at the same time. It also has a memory function for the side and height setting. The grinding and polishing head is operated via a clearly laid out touch-display. Programs can be compiled here and then saved. Furthermore it is fitted with a quick-change function for the sample holders and clockwise and anticlockwise running directions.

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Saphir 550/560 - Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines - 2

VARIABLE SPEED The display on the grinder and polisher shows the speed digitally. The base speed can be infinitely adjusted between 50 and 600 rpm. The head speed is separately adjustable between 30 and 150 rpm. The speed can also be changed during the working sequence. The automatically switched integrated basin rinsing is cooling the working wheel and cleaning the basin during the entire working process. The rinsing tap can be pulled out with the hose extension. Optimum distribution of water can be reached by swinging the tap left and right across the diameter of the working wheel.. The...

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Saphir 550/560 - Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines - 3

BASIC MODULE Saphir 550/560 AUTOMATIC GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES Saphir 550: single wheel grinder/polisher Saphir 560: twin wheel grinder/polisher single and central pressure variable speed electronic control with touch display programmable memory polishing head: clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation memory function for side and height adjustment automatic protective hood energy saving LED illumination of working area integrated basin rinsing with cleaning and cooling function automatic water solenoid basin rinsing incl. splash ring and cover aluminium case, powder coated impact-proof...

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Saphir 550/560 - Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines - 4

ACCESSORIES I 2-chambercompartment, 45 ltr. I for System lab cabinet (insertion mechanism) STANDARD SAMPLE HOLDER FOR SINGLE PRESSURE CONNECTION SET 1 drain tube R 3/8 coupling and screw thread 3 m Order No.: Z5400087 more sample holders as of page 3.61 BASIC SET SAPHIR 550 Order No.: Z5600012 Variable speed Power supply GRINDING AND POLISHING HEAD RUBIN 520 GRINDING AND POLISHING HEAD RUBIN 520 Single pressure Central pressure depends on sample holder depends on sample holder Variable speed Central pressure Central pressure Saphir 550 Working wheels AUTOMATIC GRINDING referring height of...

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