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Qpol VIBRO - Vibratory Polishing Device


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Qpol VIBRO - Vibratory Polishing Device - 1

VIBRATORY POLISHING DEVICE VIBRATORY POLISHING DEVICE QPOL VIBRO QPOL VIBRO USER INTERFACE The innovative design of the Qpol Vibro software provides intuitive and user-friendly operation. 15 preparation methods for various materials are preinstalled, together with the appropriate consumables. The Qpol Vibro offers storage of up to 200 customized methods both on the device or on USB, allowing a transfer of methods from one device to another. These may be programmed without any restriction in duration or in vibration intensity. The vibratory polishing device Qpol Vibro is designed for the virtually deformation-free preparation of specimen surfaces (specimens surfaces for polishing steps < 1 µm). It is ideal for further characterizations, e.g. EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction), AFM analysis and nanoindentation or micro hardness testing. The device is applicable for soft and ductile materials, like titanium-aluminum, pure copper and copper alloys, aluminum alloys, steel and nickel based alloys and may be operated in manual or automatic mode. POLISHING BOWL With a diameter of Ø = 308 mm the large bowl provides sufficient space for polishing of completely filled sample holders, large specimens, as well as for simultaneously polishing up to 21 specimens. Held by strong magnets the polishing bowl can be easily removed by pressing a button and exchanged by simply putting it back into the device. The clamping ring protects the edge of the polishing cloth to ensure a long service life. The bowl is designed for the use of polishing cloths on magnetic systems. Consequently, the cloth is quickly and easily removed. Connection to an exhaust air system improves health and safety conditions for the operator. Ethernet plug for remote control and service applications and USB plug to save and exchange data is integrated. The Surface-Guard (movement interval) offers advantages for corrosion-sensitive materials like cast iron and preserves the quality of the polished surface after a program has finished.

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BASIC MODULE EQUIPMENT POWER SUPPLY Equipment 1 ACCESSORIES POLISHING BOWL (ADDITIONAL) I large bowl with Ø=308mm (inner diameter) for polishing large specimens, filled sample holders and for simultaneous polishing of up to 21 specimens (Ø=30 mm, 1 1/4“) I ergonomic carrying handle for easy handling I fast and easy change of the bowl due to release button and magnetic system I specially designed for polishing cloths of magnetic system I easy cleaning of bowl I polishing cloth meter: 300/305 mm (12“) I lid protects cloth and suspension from contamination Order No.: Z5651000 – VIBRATORY...

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Qpol VIBRO - Vibratory Polishing Device - 3

ACCESSORIES SAMPLE HOLDER Qpol Vibro for clamping of mounted samples adding additional weights possible to increase surface pressure specimen height max. 30 mm slip ring of sample holder suppresses interactions with other sample holders in bowl VIBRATORY POLISHING DEVICE QPOL VIBRO LEVELLING PLATE Qpol Vibro I for levelling of mounted specimens I suitable for samples with diameter 25-50 mm (1 -2 ) SPECIFICATIONS Connected load Drive power Power supply Polishing bowl: inner diameter Polishing bowl: polishing cloth Plugs Exhaust connection plug Ambient temperature Figure Basic unit without e...

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