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Qpol 300 M1/M2 - Manual Grinding and Polishing Machines


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Qpol 300 M1/M2 - Manual Grinding and Polishing Machines - 1

MANUAL GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES The Qpol 300 M1 is a manual single wheel grinder & polisher and the Qpol 300 M2 is a manual twin wheel grinder & polisher for working wheels with Ø 250/300 mm. The impact-resistant plastic bowl, the powder-coated aluminium housing and the highquality components inside the device are the basis for smooth running and best preparation results. The robust device can be retrofitted with the Qpol GO automatic grinding and polishing head and combined with the Qdoser GO manual dosing unit. Thus, it offers a high degree of flexibility as well as ease of use for sample preparation. MANUAL GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES ROTARY SWITCH & BOOST FUNCTION SINGLE-DISC DESIGN The start/stop button with illuminated status display as well as the rotary switch with scale and integrated boost button allow for intuitive operation of the manual machines. The set speed remains constant throughout the entire grinding and polishing process. At the end of the preparation procedure, the boost function may be activated to discharge any liquid left on the grinding and polishing medium in 3 seconds at 750 rpm. After removal of the splash protection ring, the working wheel is freely accessible. The wheel is automatically arrested when placed on the new mounting system. On lifting the wheel, all parts below are accessible for easy cleaning.

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Qpol 300 M1/M2 - Manual Grinding and Polishing Machines - 2

The machine design with its new splash guard ring, clearly laid out working area, water tap and sloping control panel convincingly meets all the requirements for comfortable operation. The new mounting system for the working wheel (single disc principle) saves time when changing the grinding and polishing media and cleaning the machine. INTUITIVE PARAMETER SETTING The dosing unit Qdoser GO has been adapted to the new design and is now even more user-friendly and robust. Four 500 ml glass bottles with screw caps hold 3 x suspension and 1 x lubricant or oder 4 x diamond suspension DiaComplete...

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Qpol 300 M1/M2 - Manual Grinding and Polishing Machines - 3

BASIC MODULE Qpol 300 M1/M2 MANUAL GRINDING & POLISHING MACHINES Qpol 300 M1: single wheel grinder & polisher Qpol 300 M2: twin wheel grinder & polisher Variable speed Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation Working wheels separately controlled (Qpol 300 M2) Spin cycle feature (Cleaning Boost) 4.3“ Touch-Screen with intuitive QATM user software Timer function for manual grinding/polishing Torque display for visualizing the grinding pressure Programs storable (parameters and notes) Automatic water valve Easy, fast and tool-free change of working wheel Easy cleaning/rinsing of bowl by...

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Qpol 300 M1/M2 - Manual Grinding and Polishing Machines - 4

ACCESSORIES BASIC SET Qpol 300 M1 1 splash guard ring, 1 cover, 4 sealings plugs for handles Order No.: Z5631012 2 splash guard rings, 2 covers, 4 sealings plugs for handles Order No.: Z5631013 3 m with coupling and connection thread R3/8 GRINDING/POLISHING HEAD Qpol GO DOSING BOTTLE Qdoser ONE DOSING UNIT Qdoser GO I see page 3.54 Preparation Qpol GO for Qpol 300 M1 Connected load Power supply Preparation Qpol GO for Qpol 300 M2 Working wheels MANUAL GRINDING POLISHING MACHINES

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