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Qmount - UV Mounting Device


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MOUNTING  –  UV MOUNTING DEVICE  –  QMOUNT MULTI-TASK VERSATILITY Due to the very short process  times, the Qmount opens up the possibility of producing transparent, materialographic standard mountings of various materials very quickly and cost-effectively.  The Qmount is a modern device for the light-curingbased mounting of materialographic samples. The samples are placed in the device which  is equipped with customized, powerful LED  technology. The UV transparent mounting moulds  are filled with the UV curing resin. The transparent  sample can be removed within a very short time frame. A suction unit from the QATM portfolio can  be connected to the device to increase work safety. VERY FAST MOUNTING HIGH SAMPLE CAPACITY EASIEST OPERATION The compact device is equipped  with specially developed and durable LED boards, which  irradiate the samples highly efficient with UV radiation of a very narrowly tolerated wavelength range (emission maximum at  l = 365 nm) and allow standard  samples to cure within 60 seconds.  The device contains a scratchresistant glass plate (200 x  260 mm) which enables the  simultaneous curing of up to 12 samples with a diameter  of 40 mm. The simple design  guarantees an easy cleaning of the working space.

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HIGHLY EFFICIENT UV LED TECHNOLOGY To minimize loss of electric power the Qmount is equipped with specialized UV LEDs. These show a very slim emission spectrum, which maximum superimposes with the absorption maximum of the KEM 50 UV initiator. This enables shorter curing times with a low electric consumption. UV initiators get the necessary activation energy for the initiation reaction by absorbing UV radiation. Every molecule has a specific absorption spectrum, which shows certain wavelength areas in which the absorption coefficient of the molecule is particularly large. Outside of the so...

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Qmount - UV Mounting Device - 3

ACCESSORIES Qmount suction unit I External suction to filter the vapors and odors to increase work safety I Variable adjustable suction power I Incl. 1.5 m vakuum tube for connection with Qmount I Incl. Qmount Activated carbon filter SPECIFICATIONS Connection voltage Effective air volume flow

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