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Qcut 600 A - Industry Cut-Off Machine


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INDUSTRY CUT-OFF MACHINE Touch-Screen display for the QATM-Software control is easy to read thanks to smart phone technology and even easier to operate. Compact program sequences are easy to compile and therefore enable automated program sequences. An unlimited number of password-secured program sequences can be updated and backed-up via USB. INDUSTRY CUT-OFF MACHINE The industrial wet cut-off machine Qcut 600 A meets the highest of demands on space available and possibilities for cutting with its innovative concept for design, construction and operation. A water-cooled 15 kW main motor is integrated into the swing arm and the automatic horizontal table (X-axis) and cutting wheel movement (Y-axis) can reach up to 80 mm/sec. through highly dynamic axis drives in rapid-run. With a totally new approach with the automatic cross-feed movement (Z-axis) through the swing arm, the cutting chamber is ideally put to use. Parallel setting of the wheel guard during vertical cutting sequences increases the cutting capacity considerably. The large front and hinged door with safety lock enable access to the machine table with longitudinal and cross T-slots. The side door allows easy and convenient change of the cut-off wheel if Z-axis is set on the hard right position. Recirculating cooling and automatic central lubrication systems are integrated into the robust welded steel construction body of the machine. CONTROL A wide range of cutting procedures is at your disposal for the very best cutting results. Through the combination of this unlimited range of positions, series cuts or differing cut sequences can be made into reality. The cutting process is rightly supported by controlled cut-off wheel revolutions which can be held constant through an optional wheel measurement facility. Control of the cutting speed and a soft start control serve additionally for an economical cutting feed. Manual control commands in the X-/Z-/Y-axes are also possible using an industrial joystick. The operator console can be slid either to left or the right.

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Travel and cutting wheel offer a wide-ranging repertoire of types of cut through different combinations. In addition to the linear diagonal cut, the layer and segment-cuts are recommended for gentle cuts. The layer-cut is well-suited for cutting taller and longer objects as well as solid material. The segment-cut is especially suitable for large objects and hard materials. In addition to the type of cut, variable pulse-cut feed can also be selected. Rhythmic pulsed feed ensures regular cooling and removal of cutting debris from the sample. REMOTE MAINTENANCE Using your existing broadband...

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EQUIPMENT POWER SUPPLY Equipment 2 Cut-off wheel Cut-off wheel COOLING AND FILTER SYSTEMS Equipment 1 Recirculation cooling unit Belt filter system 285 100 ltr./min (referring emulsion) 100 ltr./min Filter fleece width WxHxD Filter area Tank Filter capacity I incl. filter roll I integrated, mobile I multi chamber filtration I exchangeable filter fleece, filter performance up to 90% (see consumables) Order No.: A6501002 Connection set 285 I for belt filter systems please order connection set Order No.: Z6501007 OPTION CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR ROTATING TOOL I to remove coolant mist I increases...

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Cut-off wheel I laser line to visualize the cutting line I laser class 1 Arbour size Y-axis automatic X-axis automatic Speed rate Z-axis automatic Motor cut-off wheel Connected load Variable speed INDUSTRY CUT-OFF MACHINE ACCESSORIES BASIC SET QCUT 600 A Order No.: Z1831000 Power supply WxHxD (610) use with cut-off wheel * Ø 508 mm or ** Ø 610 mm

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