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Qcut 250 A - Cut-Off Machine


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Qcut 250 A - Cut-Off Machine - 1

CUT-OFF MACHINE CUT-OFF MACHINE The new control software with integrated, extensive maintenance menu makes the operation simple and comfortable. INTUITIVE CONTROL SOFTWARE The Qcut 250 A is a wet abrasive cut-off machine with fine dynamic and manual vertical wheel movement (chop cut) for samples up to Ø 95 mm and electromechanical lever brake. The automatic X-axis allows a precise pulsed cut and oscillation cut while the spacious cutting chamber gives various clamping variations. The solid aluminum design comes with openings on the right and left hand side for cutting long parts. HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT The manual horizontal or automatic movement allows cutting long parts longitudinally and easy positioning of the sample below the cut-off wheel. In pulsed cutting mode the sample material is cut particularly gently. FINE DYNAMIC CUT-OFF With the manual cutting movement, the cutting force is regulated through a set of gears. The cut is thereby yerk-free and more precise. The easy-to-use lever brake fixes the cutting disc in any position. INNOVATIVE DETAILS AUTOMATIC CROSS TRAVEL The sliding front door and the side door with safety interlock allow easy and optimal access to the cutting chamber, which is optimal illuminated by a LED lamp. The Quick-Change-System makes change of the cutting wheel quick and easy and simplifies maintenance. The automatic Z-axis can be adjusted with 0.1 mm precision for parallel cuts. qatm.c

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Qcut 250 A - Cut-Off Machine - 2

BASIC MODULE Qcut 250 A CUT-OFF MACHINE I manual Y-axis with electromechanical lever brake I 7“ Touch-Screen user interface with intuitive QATM user software I automatic X-axis - manual travel via hand wheel I cutting-force dependent feed control (X-axis) I superior LED illumination of cutting chamber I parallel setting of wheel guard during cutting sequences increases cutting capacity I opening on both sides for long parts EQUIPMENT POWER SUPPLY Equipment 1 TABLE DRIVE Equipment 1 X-axis automatic/manual (without Z-axis) Order No.: A1822004 X-axis automatic/manual and Z-axis (cross feed)...

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Qcut 250 A - Cut-Off Machine - 3

ACCESSORIES I 2-chamber-pvccompartment 45 ltr. I inlet sieve and filter bag I incl. connection set I controlled by cut-off machine I mobile BELT FILTER SYSTEM 130 CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR I incl. filter roll I removes coolant mist I purifies the air and increases visibility I exhaust power 180 m3/h Filter capacity 30 ltr./min (referring emulsion) 15 ltr./min CONNECTION SET 230/250 I connection tubing for belt filter system 130 Order No.: Z6501004 CUT-OFF MACHINE I mobile with insertion mechanism for System Lab cabinets RECIRCULATION COOLING SYST

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Qcut 250 A - Cut-Off Machine - 4

Arbour size Horizontal movement Vertical movement Cross feed CUT-OFF MACHINE Max. theoretical cutting capacity Cut-off wheel Clamping example Motor cut-off wheel Connected load 380 x 270 mm (without Z-axis) 300 x 270 mm (with Z-axis) 12 mm Power supply

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