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SCIENCE FOR SOLIDS HEAT TREATMENT ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS MATERIALOGRAPHY & HARDNESS TESTING MILLING & SIEVING PARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION As part of the VERDER Group, the business division VERDER SCIENTIFIC sets standards in the development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and analytical equipment. The instruments are used in the areas of quality control, research and development for sample preparation and analysis of solids.

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General Catalogue - 3

Materialography & Hardness testing Machines and equipment for the materialographic laboratory US 255 US 255H Whatever you need for quality testing and material analysis, QATM has it all: As a manufacturer of high-quality I rotary button operation I rotary button operation machines for materialography and hardness testing, we offer the most comprehensive solutions for your needs. I 280 W heating We not only supply a wide range of instruments but also accessories, consumables, complete laboratories and Order No.: 92008791 Order No.: 92002611 tailor-made special-purpose solutions. DT 255 DT...

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General Catalogue - 4

GENERAL INFORMATION Expert knowledge about products and applications Webinars QATM offers live webinars and webinar recordings on interesting topics at regular intervals. To learn about new webinars, please subscribe to the QATM Newsletter. Online product demo – profit from our new service! Are you interested in QATM products from the materialography or hardness testing range? Then you can now have the machines of your choice demonstrated online by our experts at the comfort of your desk! You are also welcome to send us parts for testing or preparation and join us LIVE when our application...

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General Catalogue - 5

QATM WORLDWIDE Excellent sales and service network throughout the world Local Sales Office / Distributor Our comprehensive network of distributors and agents provides expert advice on products and applications throughout the world as well as technical service. For detailed information please refer to our website

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General Catalogue - 6

cut-off machines cut-off machines I Clamping tools Polishing, Etching I Pre-grinders I Manual grinding & polishing machines I Automatic grinding & polishing machines 3. GRINDING, POLISHING, ETCHING I Fully automatic systems I Accessories for grinders & polishers I Electrolytic polishers & etchers 5. System Lab / Various I System Lab I Complementing devices

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General Catalogue - 8

BENCHTOP CUT-OFF MACHINES Precision cut-off machine Precision cut-off machine Precision cut-off machine Cut-off machine Cut-off machine Cut-off machine Cut-off machine FLOOR-STANDING CUT-OFF MACHINES Brillant 255 Cut-off machine Cut-off machine Cut-off machine Industrial cut-off machine Industrial cut-off machine CLAMPING TOOLS Easy-clamping plates Easy-clamping modules Fast lock vice Cross vice, Expansion clamping device Angle vice Clamping systems Universal vice

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General Catalogue - 10

CUTTING – EXPLANATIONS The complete device consists of a basic module and its equipment. When compiling a complete unit, the selection of the respective equipment is required. A device thus consists of several article numbers. The numbering in the ‚Specifications‘ correspond to the equipment. Options if desired, have to be selected in ordering equipment. They can not be easily retrofitted. Accessories can be selected independently of the ordering equipment. Due to the Easy-nut the cut-off wheel can be changed quickly and easily. For the big cut-off machines Qcut 500 A to 800 A the nut can...

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General Catalogue - 11

MANUAL PRECISION CUT-OFF MACHINE The Qcut 150 M is a manual precision cut-off machine with manual cross feed and cutting discs up to a size of 203 mm / 8 “. The user-friendly fastening system for the clamp arm, specimen holder and table top is designed in such a way that they can be changed toolfree. Both the cutting force and the speed of the cutting disc are infinitely adjustable. With different operating modes and cooling systems, a very wide range of applications and materials can be covered. A wide range of different clamping devices enables versatile use. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN The...

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General Catalogue - 12

ADJUSTABLE PARAMETERS FOR VERSATILE APPLICATION WIDE RANGE OF ACCESSORIES MANUAL Z-AXIS With the help of a suitable clamping device from the extensive range of accessories, embedded or nonembedded samples up to a size of Ø 40 mm can be clamped in the cut-off machine comfortable. Larger samples such as PCBs and plate material can be quickly and manually cut with the table top that can be mounted toolfree. The Qcut 150 M is equipped with a manual Z-axis. For parallel cuts or defined grinding with a diamond cup wheel, the specimen can be fed up to 25 mm across. MANUAL PRECISION CUT-OFF MACHINE...

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General Catalogue - 13

EQUIPMENT COOLING SYSTEMS (no voltage selection required) Cut-off wheel immersion cooling (integrated) Recirculation cooling system 15 L incl. filter I Equipment to seal and fill cutting chamber with coolant I Incl. drain hose and shut-off valve for easy emptying I Sample collector I External two-chamber PVC tank I Portable, incl. filter insert and lid I Rinsing hose Flow rate (pump) Filling capacity Recirculation cooling system 45 L Recirculation cooling system 45 L Systemlab I PVC tank with removable separating slide I Inlet sieve with filter bag and overflow I Mobile, with insertion...

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General Catalogue - 14

MANUAL PRECISION CUT-OFF MACHINE QCUT 150 M DRESSING DEVICE PREPARATION ROTATION DEVICE I For dressing of diamond cut-off wheels or cup wheels I Operation by manual lever I Machine prepared for installation of automatic rotation device ACCESSORIES QCUT 150 M TABLE ATTACHMENT SPLASH GUARD LARGE I Incl. Cutting guide fixed 90°, parallel cutting guide and small splash guard I Accessory for table attachment PARALLEL CUTTING GUIDE ANGLE CUTTING GUIDE I Accessory for table attachment I Angular adjustable stop I Accessory for table attachment I Angle cutting guide fixed 90° I Accessory for table...

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