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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 1


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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 2

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY The optics system of the new EVO series has been completely redevel-oped. It was built on site in the cleanroom at the QATM plant and benefits from the company’s comprehensive expertise. All the new devices share one universal microscope system covering all the necessary visual ranges between 0.1 mm and 8 mm in maximum clarity and contrast. The QATM system guarantees uniform illumination across the entire image, regardless of the degree of magnification, and without dark edges.

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 3

HIGHLY ACCURATE RESULTS IN ULTRA-SHORT TIME UNIQUE VARIETY OF MODELS I 3 test force ranges – 0.3 kg to 3000 kg in a machine I 4 machine versions to serve all applications and test piece size VICKERS DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384 HV0.3 XLED TECHNIC KNOOP DIN EN ISO 4545, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384 Image analysis Brightness control Autofocus PLASTICS TESTING Test parameters Operating system CARBON TESTING DIN 51917 (optional) REDUCED CYCLE TIMES XLED BRINELL EVALUATION LENSES The new EVO product line guarantees optimized test parame- XLED illumination modules revolutionize the analysis of...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 4

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO FASTER TEST METHOD CHANGE-OVER 8-POSITION TOOL CHANGER The easy way to serve universal applications: The sophisticated tool-changer concept with a rotational axis angle of 15° provides space for 8 tools in a uniquely compact unit. Downholder elements with a closed shape on three sides guarantee secure workpiece clamping around the test point – even for small test pieces.

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 5

PROVEN UNIVERSALITY UNLIMITED SUITABILITY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS QUALITY ETHERNET INDUSTRIAL COLOR CAMERA High-quality CMOS 5-megapixel cameras with Ethernet data Universal hardness testing devices are often used under the transfer define the current industrial standard. Unlike other ca- toughest conditions. We know how important a long-serving mera systems, a far higher transmission stability is possible here. superior-quality device can be – and guarantee excellent quality Additionally, the PC and hardness testing device can be set up from our Qness 250/750/3000 EVO series. Developed...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 6

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO MACRO HARDNESS TESTER VERSION CS/C I Redefined version of a reliable concept I Ideal for small workpieces

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 7

FAST, QUIET AND UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE TEST TABLE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SWIVELING DOWNHOLDER Via stable, ultra-precise roller-bearing spindle guide. Solid, no- No long tool changeovers for inaccessible test positions. The maintenance structure with a sophisticated black chrome-pla- downholder can be swiveled in and out via manual or motorized ted handwheel. All devices are available with a Ø25 mm table action, as required. Furthermore, the clamping elements can be mount. (Optional ¾” adapter available). changed easily and adapted to suit the customer’s component. WIDE RANGE OF TEST TABLES AND...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 8

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO MACRO HARDNESS TESTER VERSION M I Ideal for large workpieces I Manually height-adjustable test head MACRO HARDNESS TESTER VERSION E I Convenient motorized test head positioning I All component sizes and powerful clamping force

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 9

LARGE-SCALE UNIVERSALITY DYNAMIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT WORKPIECE RECOGNITION The dynamic height adjustment enables comfortable positio- Workpiece recognition with motorized height adjustment fa- ning control via potentiometer (8 mm/s). Using the 2-hand-sa- cilitates a high test head movement speed of 17 mm/s. Sensor fety device allows a moving speed of up to 17 mm/s (included technology enables the workpiece to be recognized and the bra- cing speed to be reduced accordingly to protect the device and workpiece. MAXIMUM CLAMPING SAFETY SWIVEL-ACTION MACHINE TABLE ENLARGED TEST HEIGHT...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 10

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO MULTI-TOUCH 4X ZOOM FULLSCREEN FULL SCREEN MODE CLEAR FOCUS ON ESSENTIALS MULTI-TOUCH CAPACITY FOR ULTRA-SIMPLE OPERATION: FULL SCREEN MODE A clear overview of all the most im- portant functions on one screen gua- simple zooming and easy menu navi- rantees user-friendliness and, most importantly, ensures test results are clearly prioritized.

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 11

A NEW DIMENSION OF EFFICIENT OPERTATION DATA ADMINISTRATION ONLINE SUPPORT I Numerous statistical functions: Bar graphs, line graphs, histo- ‘Online Support Mode’ links up the hardness testing device with grams I Export test results as XML or CSV file the QATM service center. This allows user support and software updates to be provided as quickly as possible. I Detailed normed information on each indentation I Test report as Excel, Word, PDF or direct print I Automatic export and deleting functions for serial operation Auto Export Prüfung starten SAVE, DELETE & EXPORT FUNCTIONS PROTOCOL AND...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 12

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO OPERATION VIA EXTERNAL PC SYSTEM ALSO FOR SEMI-AUTOMATIC HARDNESS TESTING DEVICES BASIS FOR BI-DIRECTIONAL DATA LINK-UP All Qness 250/750/300 EVO series devices can, if required, be equipped with a desktop PC system. Customers can provide their own PC system and use it to control their hardness tester.

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 13

Clearly structured batch management and effective use of EQUIPPED FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW templates from a wide range of test projects. Structured measurements with comprehensive background order information. Templates can be generated to contain all necessary information about test patterns, test methods, names and user-field information. QNESS CALIBRATION MANAGER: ADVANCED TEST BLOCK MANAGEMENT COMPLETE INTERLINKABILITY Redefining calibration result management: The Qness Calibration Manager can be set up to provide Optionally completely interlinkable with databases, CRM systems and...

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Fully Automated Macro Hardness Tester - 14

UNIVERSAL HARDNESS TESTING EVO CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS Test anvils, XY tables, lasers, signal lamps, work room lighting, PREMIUM HARDNESS COMPARISON PLATES CLAMPING SOLUTION QATM DESIGNER MACHINE PEDESTAL Premium quality and comprehensive variety. Independent QATM is the perfect contact for complex requirements and bra- Functional, adapted to the design of the machine, and suitable DAkkS (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited calibration, DIN EN ISO and cing devices! We look forward to advising you on the concept for the QATM lab furniture program. Robust and superior-quality ASTM, including software for...

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