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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers


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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 1


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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 2

HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO HARDNESS TESTING SUPPORTED TEST METHODS VICKERS DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-92, ASTM E-384 (* not acc. to Standard) HV0.00025* UNLIMITED OPTIONS I Hardness testing module with a test force range of 0.25 g to 62.5 kg as standard – including ASTM & DAkkS-certified Vickers test diamond I 3 versions - from semi-automatic application (M) to full I Solidly-built machine – ‘Made in Austria’ I Variably-structured, vibration-reducing cast body with frame VERTICAL CONCEPT WITH 2 Z-AXES FULLY AUTOMATED TEST CYCLE There are decisive benefits in distributing vertical...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 3

MICROSCOPY HARDNESS TESTER OR MICROSCOPE? REVOLUTIONARY OPTIC SYSTEM The QATM-developed, in-house manufactured lens system sets new standards. As well as providing crystal clear image quality for hardness testing, Koehler illumination uses white LED light and motor-operated aperture shuttering to produce ideal contrast, even for high magnification images. The color-corrected highquality lens series is used for structural analysis. There are also two camera systems to choose from. Experienced metallurgists agree the image quality provided by the Qness 60 EVO is comparable in all aspects with...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 4

HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO THE PROFESSIONAL INTRODUCTION TO HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY VERSION M I Semi-automatic hardness testing with automatic image evaluation, autofocus and brightness regulation I Manual XY table can be retooled for simple progression inspections I Desktop PC with monitor and Qpix Control2 M for full interconnectivity

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 5

MAXIMUM VERSATILITY DIGITAL CROSS SLIDE WITH DATA FEEDBACK Unsurpassed in single-piece testing and limited series tests on Enables serial predefinition of test programs with fixed numbers items of all sizes: Simple operability and optional additions for of test points. If required, also with a manual slide, digital microscopy make QATM Qness 60 M EVO a unique, high-quality, micrometer spindle and positional return – as used for manual all-round package. COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF BASIC FUNCTIONS TEST SPACE LIGHTING Several labor-saving features are already included in the QATM All devices are...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 6

HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO VERSION A I Ultra-precise, fully-automated XY slide I Fully automatic 3D control functions A PLUS FOR AN EXCELLENT OVERVIEW VERSION A+ I Built-in sample image camera for unbeatable operating convenience

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 7

PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY UNIQUE IMPLEMENTATION EXACT POSITIONING AND A LARGE TEST SPACE DIFFERENT TEST HEIGHTS The unique construction of the highly-dynamic tool changer All 3 axes are equipped with the direct, optical path measuring turret allows the positioning of test pieces at various heights system as standard. The axes and turret can be positioned to an within the test area. Innovative CAS technology protects the unit accuracy of 1.5 μm, so even thin layers, or special testing or analytical from collisions. coordinates, can be repeatedly and accurately approached. IPC-TECHNIC Image...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 8

HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO APPLICATIONS TOOTH FLANK TESTING IDENTICAL SAMPLE TESTS The time-consuming creation of test points, especially with An entire range of relevant data, such as test patterns, test tooth flank testing, is minimized by means of pre-defined test methods and user fields can be activated via pre-defined sample templates. The Qness 60 A+ enables the entire normed procedure magazines. QATM can provide the most suitable clamping between HV30 and HV1 to be done by one single device. set-up, matrices and cassette systems for every requirement. Test point layer Sample...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 9

ILLUMINATED STATUS DISPLAY BRINGS LIGHT INTO THE DARK The illuminated QATM logo displays the current device status at a glance. The range of flash intervals indicates whether the device is operating automatically or is free to be used for new tasks for staff all around the lab. Furthermore, not only does the LED test space lighting, installed as standard, allow samples and sample holders to be set up correctly, in the A+ version it guarantees uniform light intensity for sample imaging. HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 10

HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO PERFECTION IN FULL AUTOMATION QATM sample holders are designed to ensure maximum sample throughput. ‘A’ and ‘A+’-device test tables include enough space for an 8-fold sample holder as standard; up to two sample holders can be used in parallel with the optional 300 mm s

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 11

OPTIMIZED SAMPLE CLAMPING EMBEDDED SAMPLES The secure clamping of samples thanks to a redesigned sample The clearly-organized, large and robust test room facilitates holder with a built-in clamping force limiter, simplifies sample universality. Additionally, clamping samples straight into centering and positioning. A sample plate with a ball-joint even conventional vices reduces the effort required to prepare clamps samples that cannot be held flat to prevent them tilting the sample, and expands the range of possible future test or sliding during testing. Available with 1, 4 or 8...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 12

View work pieces and test positions with different fields of view HARDNESS TESTING AND MICROSCOPY EVO LIVEVISION-TECHNIC Sample place No. Measurement mode Colour allocation for statistics Measured CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC SAMPLE HOLDER Identical samples can be set up in the software in scale as a 3D model. OPERATION VIA EXTERNAL PC SYSTEM REVOLUTIONARY 3D OPERATING CONCEPT Intuitive, clearly organized and professional: Qpix Control2 next-generation hardness testing software, developed based Innovative Collision Avoiding System (CAS) technology protects on customer feedback and input for maximum...

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Brinell/Knoop/Vickers Micro Hardness Testers - 13

3. START TEST SEQUENCE The machine moves automatically to the height of the sample AutoSnap - Speedy row set-up: Drag the row of test points to The test sequence is executed according to the applicable holder. An image of the sample is taken automatically. the desired position. The serial Auto-Snap function corrects the hardness testing standards. starting point of the test row automatically. MORE ACCURATE RESULTS RAPIDLY FULLY AUTOMATIC HARDNESS TESTING AUTOMATIC MINIMUM DISTANCE Several progressions and samples are created and completed The distances of test points are automatically set...

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