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Shear Blender LC/LD/LF/LME Series QC/QC+/IC+ Series The best pumping solution for your sanitary processes

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Generating trust and wellness through efficient solutions Our Company Since 1997 Q-Pumps Co. has been dedicated to the manufacturing of sanitary pumping equipment (centrifugal, positive displacement, self-priming and blenders) with the purpose of provide the best solutions for applications in food, dairy, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries and many more. Attending applications in more than 40 countries with a perfect match between human and technology improvements to exceed the expectations of our customers requirements World Wide for their pumping needs. All our products are...

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Construction Materials Pumps are made of stainless steel from the 300 series. The wet parts are made of SS T-316L and the rest non-direct contact of SS T-304, this guarantees high resistance and durability on every Q-Pumps product. Special Specifications Q-Pumps can manufacture the equipment under any custom specification from fittings type to surface finish. The current fitting types available are Clamp, Bevel Seat, NPT, Flanged, SMS and DIN. Regarding the surface finish, the standard is polishing (32 Ra Max.) with the option to be improved with electro polishing (under 10 Ra for...

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Characteristics •100% Stainless Steel, wet parts made of SS 316L • Very soft solids handled without damage • 100% CIP running at high speeds • Virtually pulse-free • Speed up to 3,000 rpm (depending on the fluid viscosity) • Ideal to be used as process pump as well as a CIP pump reducing costs in additional equipment and timing • Even when running high pressures, there is no contact rotor/rotor/body • Low NPSH requirement thanks to its high suction capacity • Meets 3-A standards Twin Screw New QTS Series are twin screw pumps. 100% sanitary. It's the newest Q-Pump's creation innovating...

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Clamp port connections as standard (DIN, SMS and Bevel Seat optional) Single or double mechanical seal option, different materials Easy assembly / disassembly Improved surfaces for standing abrasive fluids SS heavy duty gearbox Enlarged suction and discharge options available Close clearances for vacuum capability Optimized engineered rotor designed with different pitches options No damage of suspended solids (maximum size of the solid 1.5") SS baseplate surface suitable for NEMA/IEC motor assembly

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QTS Series Applications Dairy Products Sour Cream Fruit Pomace Corn Dough Chopped Tomato Peanut Butter Food Industry Meat Industry Chicken Tooth Paste Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pump Sizes Reference Data Flow: 1230 GPM / 4656 LPM Head Pressure: 693 ft / 211 m / 300 PSI / 20 Bar Viscosity: 1 to 1,000,000 cP Max. Temperature: 248° F / 130° C

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Positive Displacement Pumps ZP Pumps Series are circumferential piston pumps, 100% compatible and interchangeable hydraulic and dimensionally with other brands in the market. Characteristics • Rotors made of Nickel-based Alloy 88 • Oil seal retainer holders made of stainless steel T-304 • One piece high torque shafts made of S.S. alloy 17-4 ph H1150 • Helical gears • Four mounting positions option available • Greasers threaded on both sides of the gear box • Mechanical seals with wave spring made of S.S. alloy 17-7 ph • Threaded oil caps and sight glass • Self-cleaning gaskets on oil caps...

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Technical Information ZP1 Series Maximum Nominal Capacity Maximum Differential Pressure Optional Connection Standard Connection Maximum Speed Temperature Range Maximum Nomnal Capacity Maximum Speed Temperature Range Maximum Differential Pressure Technical Information ZP2 / ZP3 Series Maximum Nomnal Capacity Optional Connection Standard Connection Maximum Speed Temperature Range Maximum Nomnal Capacity GPM Maximum Differential Pressure Maximum Differential Pressure Maximum Speed Temperature Range Reference Data Flow: 312 GPM / 1181 LPM Head Pressure: 1155 ft / 352 m / 500 PSI / 34.5 Bar...

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Rotary Lobe Pumps ZL Series are designed for pumping high viscosity fluids in applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries and are certified under EHEDG and 3-A standards. Can handle low viscosity fluids from 500 cP to 1,000,000 cP and develops suction up to 4 m and flows of 100 m3/hr with heads up to 250 m of water column. • Front access provides quick, Less downtime • It has 4 types of seal for each one Application, the standard material is Carbide Tungsten Vs. Tungsten Carbide. • Can be supplied with thermal Front cover as in case. • The geometrical design of the "Bi-wing"...

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Front cover pressure relieve valve available (optional) Standard connection size Maximum Differential Pressure Maximum Speed Reference Data Flow: 441 GPM / 1670 LPM Head Pressure: 693 ft / 211 m / 300 PSI / 20 Bar Viscosity: 1,000,000 cP Temperature Max.: 300° F / 149° C

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Centrifugal Pumps QC Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps are very versatile, pumping mainly low viscosity products (up to 600 cP) such as: dairy products, juice, sodas, wine, beer, purified water, oil, alcohol, injectable and more. This is a medium pressure and high flow series. IC+ Series The IC+ Series are manufactured in stainless steel and have the same design as the QC Series. An internal seal (non-sanitary) and the Kit plus conform this series with the purpose of solving non-sanitary applications such as acid solutions and residual water. Characteristics • Open impeller • Volute casing with...

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HEAD (METERS) HEAD (METERS) CAPACITY / FLOW CAPACITY / FLOW CAPACITY / FLOW HEAD (METERS) HEAD (METERS) CAPACITY / FLOW Reference Data Flow: 1,200 GPM / 4542 LPM Head Pressure: 270 ft / 82 m / 117 PSI / 8 Bar Viscosity: 600 cP Temperature: 248ºF / 120ºC The technical data here contains information of a commercial nature, this information may vary according to each application.

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