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Q-Lab Arizona Perform outdoor testing at the location of your choice with Q-Rack Outdoor Exposure Rack Systems Now you can do your own natural, outdoor exposures at any location. Q-Rack outdoor exposure rack kits from Q-Lab Corporation are the same design racks we have used for years at Q-Lab Weathering Research Service in Florida and Arizona. Versatile, reliable and affordable, Q-Racks give you an ideal way to supplement your current testing program with additional data. They meet many ISO, ASTM, SAE and other requirements for outdoor testing. • Complete Rack Kits for Direct Exposure Testing • Accessories & Non-Standard Mounting Systems • Black Box Kits Simulate Automotive Conditions • Under Glass Rack Kits Available in North America Q-Lab Florida

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Q-Rack Direct Exposure Rack Kits Direct exposure is the most common method for testing coatings, inks, plastics, or finishes used outdoors. Most typical test specimens can be easily mounted on a Q-Rack. Our direct exposure rack kits meet the requirements of ISO 877-2 Method A, ASTM G7, ASTM D4141, or SAE J1976. Start with a Q-Rack kit, which includes: • An anodized aluminum main frame measuring 12' x 5'6" x 4" (3.66 m x 1.68 m x .10 m) and two legs. Both welded frames and unassembled “knock down” frames (for shipping outside North America) are available. • Panel base and flap assemblies...

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Q-Rack Under Glass Exposure Rack Kits Under Glass Exposure Rack Kit Part FL-3086-K • Special Welded Frame • 2 Legs • 6 Sub Frames with Window Glass & MDO Backing • Specimen Mounting Hardware Positioning arms required for rack installation – see Accessories section Black Box Under Glass Exposure Rack Kit Part FL-3121-K Q-Rack under glass kits (available for shipment in North America only) include: • A special welded, anodized aluminum main frame measuring 12' x 5'6" x 4" (3.66 m x 1.68 m x .10 m) and two legs. Six 3 mm window glass covered sub-frames with MDO backing are provided, along with...

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Why Test Outdoors? Outdoor exposure is the best way to test the weatherability of materials. We recommend testing in several locations because the primary weathering forces (sunlight, high temperature and moisture) vary greatly from place to place throughout the world. Microenvironments may cause localized differences in exposure results. Florida and Arizona are the international benchmark locations for natural weathering. Florida has high intensity sunlight, high year-around temperatures, high annual rainfall and high humidity. Arizona has a hot, dry, high UV radiation environment and...

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