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MB3600 Versatile FT-NIR analyzer designed for your industry. The most reliable FT-NIR specifically designed for QA/QC. Power and productivity for a better world™

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“Our industry needs versatility and reliability at low cost. Our laboratory QA covers a wide range of areas.” “With analysis optimization using ABB‘s MB3600 FT-NIR, we can cover many applications.” “The results need to be reliable for many different types of samples including liquids and solids with a variety of accessories.” The optimum NIR analyzer solution. The MB3600 FT-NIR with HoRIzoN MB™ FTIR software from ABB Bomem provides an optimum combination of reliability, low cost of ownership, consistency of results over a long time and spectroscopic performance. Easy to use and maintenance...

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ABB’s world-class laboratory FT-NIR analyzers deliver maximum reliability for consistent results and minimal maintenance Reliable, consistent results Permanently aligned optical system. With permanently aligned optics using only fixed components along with a patented interferometer scan mechanism, the MB3600 delivers consistent precise and reproducible results year after year and from unit to unit. Heavy-duty, reliable components. The modular components of the MB3600 have been designed to provide the longest product life on the market. The MB3600‘s design is based on the following...

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HORIZON MB™ FTIR (Standard Package) Intuitive software for daily operation The Horizon MBtm FTIR module facilitates the acquisition, processing and analysis of samples. With Horizon MB FTIR, managing analytical results has never been easier. Flexible Modules All the available functions are packaged in modules, so you only pay for what you need. Optional Modules: horizon MB™ Professional Advanced features for demanding users. The HORIZON MB™ Professional module includes enhanced mathematical functions, 3-D capabilities and extended import/ export functions. It also includes a regulatory...

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SPECTROSCOPIC PERFORMANCE (typical, at 25 °Celsius) – Spectral range with DTGS detector 3,700 to 15,000 cm-1 Spectral range with InAs detector 3,700 to 12,000 cm-1 Spectral range with InGaAs detector 3,900 to 11,000 cm-1 – Resolution better than 0.7 cm-1 – Apodized resolution adjustable 1 cm-1 to 64 cm-1, in increments of 2 – Signal-to-noise ratio (root-mean-square, 60s, 16 cm-1, at peak response) with DTGS detector : > 100 000: 1 – Signal-to-noise ratio (root-mean-square, 60s, 16 cm-1, at peak response) with InAs detector : > 500 000: 1 – Signal-to-noise ratio (root-mean-square, 60s, 16...

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ABB Analytical Measurement 585 Charest Blvd East, suite 300 Quebec, (Quebec) G1K 9H4 Canada Phone: +1 418-877-2944 1 800 858-3847 (North America) Email: ftir@ca.abb.com Web: www.abb.com/analytical ABB Analytical is one of the major ABB manufacturing centers for laboratory and process analytical systems, with more than 35 years of experience in developing FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers for industrial, military and space applications. As part of our portfolio of products and services for process optimization, we are able to offer a full range of custom calibration modeling services and...

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