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MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Analyzer for Polyols, Ethoxylates, Glycols, Urethanes and General Chemicals Power and productivity for a better world™

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Reliable chemicals analysis ABB has been a world leader for many years in industrial FT-NIR analysis solutions. Our Laboratory FT-NIR analyzers are renowned for their ruggedness and long-term stability. This makes them excellent method development platforms for a host of FT-NIR based methods, replacing tedious and expensive wet-chemical procedures. Rapid development of custom analytical methods The MB3600-CH20 is ready to use for the quick development of custom analytical methods suitable for a wide variety of sample types, including polyester and polyether polyols, polyethylene...

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MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Chemicals Analyzer Rapid determination of OH value and other quality parameters in polyols for finished product certification and end-point determination in polyol batch reactors. ABB’s world-renowned range of on-line and laboratory FT-NIR analyzers provides guaranteed transferability of calibration models between laboratory and process applications “The MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Chemicals Analyzer is an accurate, easy-to-use analyzer for determining key quality parameters of liquid or solid chemicals. It is particularly appropriate for fast determination of hydroxyl value in...

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MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Chemicals Analyzer Batch process Monitoring for Polyester and Polyether Polyol Production Isocyanate / Polyurethanes Alkyd Resins and Ethoxylates Raw Materials Quality Acceptance Batch Product Acceptance Shipping MB3600-CH20 Lab Analyzer Calibration Models - QA / QC - Method Development The MB3600-CH20 Laboratory FT-NIR Analyzer is not only a valuable and reliable tool for Hydroxyl Value determination, it also allows easy custom calibration model development for a wide range of other typical bulk, fine and specialty chemicals in both liquid and powder form. Predicted...

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The MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Analyzer is more than just a robust field-proven analyzer for Hydroxyl Value that replaces costly and time-consuming wet-chemical titration analyses. It is also a powerful method-development platform for applications designed to replace other slow functional-group analytical procedures, in both liquids and solid powder products. Custom calibration models The MB3600-CH20 simplifies the development of local site-data based calibration models, allowing the analyzer to be used for a wide range of process streams and properties. Many of our customers have successfully...

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ABB Analytical Measurement 585 Charest Blvd East, suite 300 Quebec, (Quebec) G1K 9H4 Canada Phone: +1 418-877-2944 1 800 858-3847 (North America) Email: ftir@ca.abb.com Web: www.abb.com/analytical ABB Analytical is one of the major ABB manufacturing centers for laboratory and process analytical systems with more than 35 years of experience in developing FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers for industrial, military and space applications. As part of our portfolio of products and services for process optimization, we are able to offer a full range of custom calibration modeling services and...

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