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InSight Pro Valuable real-time process insight

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InSight Pro Spectroscopy Optimized profit with superior FT-NIR technology High value results to act upon One analyzer – many possibilities NIR is a widely used method to obtain real-time information about the production process across many industries. InSight Pro is the latest generation online NIR from Q-Interline and offers the production a powerful tool to closely follow the process. It enables optimization of the production process, optimized raw material utilization, reduction of scrap and rework. While avoiding the negative consequences of producing outside specification and...

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State of the art analyzer with unique sampling Diffuse Reflectance Sampling For in-pipe sampling of homogeneous process streams. The Diffuse Reflectance Probe is designed to meet all relevant requirements in the life science and food industry. The probe features sanitary design in accordance with strict industry requirements. The Diffuse Reflectance Probe accepts CIP/SIP and offers high security through a proprietary metal-to-sapphire sealing technique eliminating the need for O-rings and brazed joints . The probe is connected to the InSight spectrometer through a fiber optical bundle...

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Fast overview and fully integrated solutions InSight View Daily operations are monitored and controlled via the InSight View frontend software. The intuitive software offers full overview of analyzer status, measurement results, trend curves etc. Status is displayed with color codes against preset criteria. Choose the product to analyze, start and stop the analysis, initiate sampling from process and initiate reference measurements all through easy to understand icon buttons. InSight View has a multi language user interface and is designed to be operated by process personnel. InSight View...

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providing analytical solutions to our customers. We provide exceptional solutions for quality and process control. Commitment, integrity and competence Through commitment, integrity and competence Q-Interline offers high quality solutions to a wide variety of industries. Our customers acknowledge us as a trusted supplier and technical advisor due to our unique solutions, extensive knowledge, outstanding support and long-term commitment. We provide value through insight Our experience, along with our understanding of business and processes, enables us to identify our customer’s...

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InSight Pro AnalyzerSpecifications Spectrometer Working Princip Resolution Detector Base range Source Laser Mulitplexer FourierTransform, double pivot Michelson Variable 1 - 64 cm-1 TE-cooled InGaAs detector, 24 bit ADC 3.850 - 12.000 cm-1 (2.600 nm - 833 nm) Quart Halogen, stabilized electronically (5 years lifetime typical) Solid state, no maintenance 1 - 2 channel fiberoptical launcher SMA Sampling Maximum 2 probes or cells pr analyzer. Available types: Diffuse reflectance, Transmission insertion/cross-pipe/Custom Wetted materials: SS316L, Sapphire, PTFE all food contact approved and...

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