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Q-DAS CAMERA Concept - 1

C|A|M|E|R|A Concept Statistical Cockpit Automatic Reporting System -o Individual System Solution -o

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Q-DAS CAMERA Concept - 2

CAMERA Concept Q-DAS® CAMERA Concept Optimizing Your Process! ® The Q-DAS CAMERA concept brings together innovative software tools and processes to create a streamlined statistical information system for quality analysis that is at once structured and dynamic. The multifaceted CAMERA concept can be customized to any process, any system and will guide the user through all phases of quality data flow to achieve practical solutions for optimum quality output. O-QIS (Operator Quality Information System) O-QIS is a comprehensive system for data collection and real time control. The operator can...

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Q-DAS CAMERA Concept - 3

CAMERA Concept Q- M-QIS: (Management Quality Information System) M-QIS provides the basis with which to keep management informed via the most value added presentations of quality information. When specific views of a process are needed or targeted information is required, M-QIS can easily produce customized reports via configurable web interfaces to provide long term analyses, cyclical batch reports or even the compacting and visualization of data under diverse circumstances. From top to bottom, Management and Production can confidently engage in continuous process improvement based on...

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Q-DAS CAMERA Concept - 4

CHINA Q-DAS® Software Technology E-mail: CZECH REPUBLIC Q-DAS® spol. s.r.o. E-mail: GERMANY Q-DAS® GmbH & Co. KG Eisleber Straße 2 69469 Weinheim Tel.: +49 6201 39 41-0 Fax: +49 6201 39 41-24 Hotline: +49 6201 39 41-14 E-mail: FRANCE Q-DAS® France SARL E-mail: ITALY Q-DAS® s.r.l. E-mail: USA Q-DAS® Incorporated E-mail: Q-DAS | Experts in Statis

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