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Process Manager Visualization of Product and Organizational Structures -o Comfortable Test Planning -o

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CAMERA Concept Q-PRM Process Manager With Process Manager, company and product structures as well as product families can be outlined to provide different views of processes, performances and business affairs, for example in a tree structure view. The Process Manager is also a helpful tool for the central creation, administration and distribution of configurations which makes it the superimposed planning tool for the organization of the Q-DAS® products. Central Planning Process Manager allows the comfortable creation and administration of test plans resulting from the tree structure. New...

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CAMERA Concept Operation (OpHO] Organizational structure shown in the process hierarchy Q- Illustration of Product Structures and Product Families Parts are often allocated to different components, product families, types or variants. It is also possible to show these parts in the product view in a tree structure, which makes it possible to easily see the relevant relations. The process as well as the product structure access a central data pool where characteristics are I inked together and may be accessed in different ways. Such a highly flexible structure enables every user to see the...

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CHINA ® Q-DAS Software Technology E-mail: CZECH REPUBLIC Q-DAS® spol. s.r.o. E-mail: GERMANY Q-DAS® GmbH & Co. KG Eisleber Straße 2 69469 Weinheim Tel.: +49 6201 39 41-0 Fax: +49 6201 39 41-24 Hotline: +49 6201 39 41-14 E-mail: FRANCE Q-DAS® France SARL E-mail: ITALY Q-DAS® s.r.l. E-mail: USA Q-DAS® Incorporated E-mail: Q-DAS | Experts in Statistics

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