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Statistical Software destra Process Optimization Statistical Analysis of Variance Regression Analysis Six Sigma ANOVA DoE Experts in Statistics

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Statistical Software With destra" process improvement - the deliberate optimization of existing process situations - can be brought to its pinnacle, destra® offers a multitude of statistical studies from complex tests examining the correlation of processes to more simple Shainin methods so that the statistical significance of the data can be understood in its proper context. With a software design that is user intuitive, easily navigable and graphically engaging, destra® will support the statistical layperson as well as the expert in identifying and implementing the most relevant tests....

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Statistical Software Variance and regression is analyzed using mathematical models showing cause- effect correlations between influence parameters and target values. With the help of a clear graphical interface, the user can select model coefficients with a mouse click and immediately visualize the effects in a preview graphic, destra® • Immediately viewable model designing • Multiple Variance Analysis designs • Formula editor to navigate and choose appropriate design possibilities • Abi I ity to create processes with m ixed effects, hierarchically nested models, and unbalanced data •...

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CHINA Q-DAS® Software Technology E-mail: CZECH REPUBLIC Q-DAS® spol. s.r.o. E-mail: GERMANY Q-DAS® GmbH & Co. KG Eisleber Straße 2 69469 Weinheim Phone: +49 6201 39 41-0 Fax: +49 6201 39 41-24 Hotline: +49 6201 39 41-14 E-mail: FRANCE Q-DAS® France SARL E-mail: ITALY Q-DAS® s.r.l. E-mail: USA Q-DAS® Incorporated E-mail: Q-DAS | Experts in Statistics

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