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Data Collection - St atistical Analysis and Reporting - 1 Pages

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Data Collection - St atistical Analysis and Reporting

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Data Collection - Statistical Analysis and Reporting Q-DAS suite of Quality Tools l Powerful Statistical Analysis l Independent of Measurement System l Assures adherence to Standards l Flexible Configurations l Easy to use by everyone ® Q-DAS Data Format l Interfaces to a wide range of gages l Certified data format gives security l No troublesome conversion necessary l Easily exchangeable Q-information Data recording l Cost effective central data storage l Many different available interfaces l Automatic data takeover l Task related and user friendly display l Process control l Events and Corrective Actions Reporting System Generate Reports l Individual reports ® l Event controlled reports Acceptance with Auditors l Time oriented reports l Integrated company guidelines l Norms and standards covered l Automated evaluation l Finding suitable distribution models l Multitude of National Languages Process Knowledge l Task related configurations Integrated Guidelines: Accumulate Knowledge Actual value chart, Histogram, Probability Plot, QCC, Test Procedures, Numerical Results AFNOR E 80-181 Audi AG Bosch 2001 CNOMO DaimlerChrysler B, HH, S Ford EU 882 GMPT MRO 3.2 Q-DAS QS-9000 Volkswagen Parts Protocol, Raw Values, Quality Control Chart, Averages, Standard Deviation … Q-DAS® Database l Automatic Data Collection l Ability to process unsolicited data Forms Designer Create custom Forms l Bridges competitive Measurement Systems l Part or Characteristic Based Reports l Central data consolidation l Individual feature and Multi-Feature Summarys l Easy data evaluation l Graphics, objects, lines, pictures and drawings l Numerical and Graphical results l User specific filters l Access, MS-SQL, Oracle l File Based or Database selection l Multiple page adaptable l Feature specific Reports l Feature Class specific Reports Q-DAS - Experts in Statistical Analysis

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