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High Pressure Jetting PTC High Pressure Jetting

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COMPANY PROFILE P.T.C. S.r.l., is an Italian limited company founded in Genoa in the year 1968 having as its principal activity the certification of quality and quantity of petroleum products and crude oil and the calibration of storage tanks. Subsequently, this activity has been diversified by entering into the field of High Pressure Water Jetting technology, related to the maintenance of petroleum processing plants, refineries, dry docks, etc. At present this activity, utilizing as “heart” of the product top of the range plungers pumps (Kamat, HPP, etc.), offers a very wide range of...

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HYDRODYNAMIC UNITS PTC hydrodynamic units cover a complete power range from 15 to 550 kW (20 - 750 HP) in continuous duty utilizing high grade triplex pumps with maximum working pressures up to 3000 bar (44.000 psi). These units are CAD-designed by our technical staff and produced in our facilities in a wide range of models to suit different input powers (by electric or diesel engine), assemblies (skid or trolley) and accessories (soundproof cabinet, remote control, etc.), all tested in-house to assure the satisfaction of even the strictest requirements concerning reliability and...

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HIGH PRESSURE UNITS FOR AN ENTIRE Application ALLUMINIUM AND STEEL MILLS Hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps and sewers; water scale, coke, ore and lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes and hoppers, descaling billets and water hydraulics; mill scale, tight rust and weld slag from vessels, tanks and pipes. AUTOMOTIVE Paint from booths, machinery, gratings, conveyers, dollies and skids. Expansion joints, grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids on airport runways. BREWERIES AND DISTILLERIES Yeast, sediments and fermentation residues on...

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WORLD OF POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Application CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION Asphalt distributors, mixers, tar cookers and pavers; asphalt, dirt, concrete, mortar, tar, grease, mastic and clay on vehicles, mixer trucks and machinery; canals, lifts, dams and runways; cleaning of natural stone walling, removal of joint materials, coats, damaged or corroded coatings from walls and floors, roughening of concrete and stone surfaces. FOOD AND BEVERAGES PROCESSING Fats, oils, dirt and dough, food residues from vats, ovens, mixers, conveyors and facilities; cleaning of cold storage facilities,...

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HIGH PRESSURE UNITS FOR AN ENTIRE Application Pre-maintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and shafts; aids in the recovery of ore; unclog plant machinery due to deposits of coal, rock dust, mud or oils. Reservoirs and containers, sewers and drain pipes, sanitation equipment and refuse vehicles; insulators, boiler tubes, vehicles and machinery; surface preparation. OILFIELDS Paraffin and crude residues from platforms and storage tanks; removal of drilling mud and cement from drill pipes; “cold” cutting. PETROCHEMICAL PROCESSING AND REFINERIES Algae, carbon,...

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WORLD OF POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Application POWER STATIONS Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, ‘U’ tube exchangers, flash from pre-heater tubes, hand tools and equipment. PRESSURE TESTING Manual or fully automatic test benches up to 7.000 bar used for pressure testing of valves, tubings, hoses, fittings and complete systems. Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch, dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes, foundries, press sections of paper machines, suction rolls, stock chests and lines; water jet cutting. PULP & PAPER RAILWAYS Gypsum, potash, cement, lime in hopper cars; removing...

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PTC Robots are designed for different applications and they are the results of over 30 years of dedicated field experience. Pipe bundle cleaning, abrasive cold cutting in hazardous zones, surface preparation and concrete rehabilitation are main areas of application for such equipment. All PTC Robots are manufactured with high grade materials and are conceived for friendly use (whole operation controlled by a single panel) and easy maintenance to enhance: Safety (no worker near jetting area), Performances, Reliability, Quality.

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WATERJETTING ACCESSORIES Dry Shut Guns Flexible Lances Dump Shut Guns Rigid Lances Flexible Lance Nozzles Air Operated Flow Control Valve (tumble box) Rigid Lance Nozzles High Pressure Nozzles Dump Type Foot Valves Rotating Nozzles Spray Guns with Electronic Command (only for UHP units) Pipe & Sewage Cleaning Nozzles Protective Clothing for Waterjetting (TST) ''Turbo'' Nozzles

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High Pressure Jetting j^yyj^jy^"!" High Pressure and UHP pumps SF/R STAR^ High pressure and UHP hoses High pressure and UHP components High-Pressure Technology High pressure nozzles & components High Pressure cleaning protections

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SI CERTIFICA CHE IL SISTEMA DI GESTIONE PER LA QUALITÀ DI IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED THAT THE QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF Per informazioni sulla validità del certificato, visitare il sito For information concerning validity of the certificate, you can visit the site VIA TAGLIOLINI 50 16152 GENOVA (GE) ITALIA NELLE SEGUENTI UNITÀ OPERATIVE / IN THE FOLLOWING OPERATIONAL UNITS VIA TAGLIOLINI 50 16152 GENOVA (GE) ITALIA Riferirsi al Manuale della Qualità per i dettagli delle esclusioni ai requisiti della norma È CONFORME ALLA NORMA / IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE STANDARD...

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PTC High Pressure Jetting P.T.C. srl Via F.lli Canepa, 132 F › 16152 Genova (Italy) tel: +39 010 6509422 › fax: +39 010 6509406 ›

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