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Urban Cleaning Equipment Ideale per veicoli commerciali di piccole dimensioni come Fiat Fiorino o VW Caddy. Suitable for mounting in small sized commercial vehicles like Fiat Fiorino or VW Caddy. VERSIONI CON NASPO ELETTRICO VERSION WITH POWER HOSE REEL VERSION WITH 2ND H.P. HOSE REEL VERSIONI BASIC BASIC VERSION

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Dati tecnici > Technical details Whale 43/170 Dati riferiti alle unita con dotazione standard / Data refers to standard configurations. Naspi Hose reels Quadro comandi Control panel Pompa Comet TW Premium con riduttore. Comet TW Premium Pump with reduction gearbox. Naspo alta pressione manuale max. 60 mt tubo 1/2” (tubo 50 mt in dotazione su versioni Plus) Manual high-pressure hose reel max. 60 m V” hose (50 m hose on Plus versions) Naspo bassa pressione manuale max 35 mt tubo 3/4” (UNI 45 on request) Manual low-pressure hose reel, max 35 m V hose (UNI 45 on request) Quadro motors con...

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