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COMPACT COMPACT | COMPATTA STRONG | FORTE AGILE | AGILE THE PURCHASE IS A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT THANKS TO THE TECHNOLOGY APPLIED AND THE KNOW-HOW PROVIDED COMPACT has been designed to work large parts on a reinforced structure to withstand heavy work stress. COMPACT is the ideal work center for aluminum, light alloys, plastics and composites. COMPACT is built for you, that you need a strong machine, with good performance, easy to handle and compact size.

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L’ACQUISTO E’ UN INVESTIMENTO VANTAGIOSO GRAZIE ALLA TECNOLOGIA UTILIZZATA E AL KNOW-HOW FORNITO Respect for enviroment Rispetto per l’ambiente HIGHLIGHTS | CARATTERISTICHE PRINCIPALI use special clamps to become real working .1 | COMPACT gives theapossibility to center Compact ha la possibilità di applicare morse dedicate diventando un vero e proprio Centro di Lavoro upright table makes it easy to work the side edges of the and to .2 | Thecarryonout workingworkings toplates showed similar that on the photo aside Il piano di lavoro verticale permette di eseguire facilmente lavorazioni sui...

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• HAVE BEEN DESIGNED TO PRODUCE DETAILS OBTAINED DIRECTLY FROM SLABS • THANKS TO THEIR WORKING SPEED, THEY SAVE TIME AND THEREFORE ENERGY Sono state ideate per produrre particolari ricavati direttamente da lastra Grazie alla loro velocità di lavoro, consentono un notevole risparmio di tempo e quindi di energia • THIS TECHNOLOGY SAVES A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL Questa tecnologia consente di risparmiare una notevole quantità di materiale TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUE • THEY ARE BUILT TO HAVE A LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Sono costruite per avere un basso impatto...

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AREA OF APPLICATION | AREE DI IMPIEGO Thanks to the technology of the machines, to the remote support and sending of specialized technicians, in case of need, Protek is able to help the client anywhere INDUSTRIAL | INDUSTRIALE • MECHANICAL | MECCANICA • AEROSPACE / AERONAUTICAL | AEROSPAZIALE/AERONAUTICA • AUTOMOTIVE | AUTOMOTIVE • NAUTICAL | NAUTICO • RAIL TRANSPORT | FERROVIARIO • ANALYSIS and tests on new materials proposed by the customer ADVICE ON THE TOOLS to be , used and on the parameters to be set (tool, spindle speed and feed rate) for the type of material to be processed...

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COMPACT | TECHNICAL DATA | DATI TECNICI Electrospindle (Power) | Elettromandrino (Potenza) Electrospindle (Rpm) | Elettromandrino (Rpm) Electrospindle (cone type) | Elettromandrino (Attacco) Tool changer positions | Posizioni cambio Utensili TEK Morea Better Tool changing time | Tempo cambio Utensili Shaving-Shaving time | Tempo truciolo-truciolo Vacuum pump power | Potenza pompa a vuoto Swarf extraction unit power | Potenza aspiratore Rapid speed axes X-Y | Rapido X-Y Rapid speed axis Z | Rapido Z Max working speed 2D | Velocity max di lavoro 2D Max working speed 3D | Velocity max di...

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