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SOMOS® Volumetric Dosing Machine VOLMIX E-MH45 n Volumetric, continuously operating dosing machine n Dosing is executed via dosing screws with servo drive n 5 different MH60 screw sets can be used for varying throughput areas with a dosing precision of ± 2 % (... > 1 kg/h) or ± 4 % (... < 1 kg/h) n Robust design thanks to the use of cast aluminum parts n Easy operation thanks to the MH15 touch-screen controller n Excellent and quick component cleaning during material changes thanks to an interior design that is free of dead space and a quick release on the screw housings n HT version can be used up to 160 °C Features and advantages of the MH45 controller n Graphic presentation of operating elements and components on a 6” display Intuitive operation via touch-screen display Can be expanded to 4 dosed components and one free-falling main component Integrated conveyance with cleaning, discharging aid and fan controller Remote access possible via VNC

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SOMOS® Volumetric Dosing Machine VOLMIX E-MH45 Application The volumetric operating dosing machine SOMOS® VOLMIX E-MHMH45 is used for mixing 5-component, free-flowing synthetic granules or mill base as well as providing a continuous supply of material to injection molding machines, extruders or blow molding machines with throughputs up to 300 kg/h. Dosing accuracy* % ± 2 at > 1 kg/h ± 4 at < 1 kg/h Power supply 3 N PE AC50/60 Hz 400 V Usage conditions Temp. of bulk material** Ambient temperature Relative air humidity Weight*** Dosing motors **...up to max. 160 °C on the high-temperature...

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