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ProTec Polymer Processing SOMOS® RDF Stationary Resin Dryer Application The SOMOS ® RDF dryer is used for drying hygroscopic polymer pellets. It consists of compact RDF modules which can be flexibly combined, are capable of autonomous operation and have drying capacities of 10 kg/h to 250 kg/h per module. Compact – flexible – economic – Maximum drying performance in the smallest possible space thanks to minimized width of all individual RDF modules. – Customizable operation thanks to seven different sizes of module which can be flexibly linked together for different throughputs. – Minimized operating costs since the modules only supply the volume of drying air which is actually required. – Maximum operational and functional reliability. If one RDF module fails, the remaining modules will continue to function, so allowing production to continue. – Minimized installation costs thanks to absence of feed and return pipework. – Minimal servicing costs thanks to air filters which are accessible from the front without using tools. – Safe operation thanks to integrated protective functions and dry air material conveying to processing machinery. Standard equipment – Units for stationary installation each consisting of a dry air generator and a high-quality, insulated stainless steel drying bin. – Specially developed single chamber drying unit for bidirectional operation (drying and regeneration of drying bin). – Intuitive PLC-based, Industry 4.0-capable controller with materials database for up to 200 formulations and generously dimensioned touchscreen display. – Energy-saving functions: Super-SOMOS® and ALAV (automatic control of regeneration frequency and adaptive energy input depending on the moisture content of the material for drying & automatic adaptation of air volume to the actual material throughput). – Pivotable lid adapted for fitting SOMOS® FG200 series conveyors. Option packages – Dry air material discharge The already dried material is conveyed onward to processing machinery using dry air. – High-temperature drying Additional return air cooler for drying temperatures of up to 180°C. – Low-temperature drying Additional feed air cooler for drying temperatures of down to 40°C. – Dew point measurement Dew point meter with pipework and wiring for permanent dew point monitoring. – Feed air filtration Ultra-fine feed air filter with pipework. – Drying bin filling level measurement Kit for measuring the filling level in the drying bin. – Control cabinet air conditioning Additional air conditioning for specific ambient condition requirements. – Connection to non-standard supply voltages Additional transformers enable connection to supply voltages differing from the standard 3~400VAC/50Hz. – Central system operation Display and control for all connected modules using a central touchscreen display. Accessories – Suction boxes – Suctio

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SOMOS  RDF STATIONARY ProTec Polymer Processing Technical Data  RESIN DRYER Material tank volume Material tank construction Insulated stainless steel, no cleaning door, pivotable lid Outlet: Kamlock coupling Insulated stainless steel Insulated stainless steel, with cleaning door, pivotable lid 1.5” Drying air temperature (standard models) Drying air temperature (high-temperature drying) Drying air temperature (low-temperature drying ) Cooling water temperature (high-temperature drying) Cooling water requirement (high-temperature drying) Heater power Achievable residual moisture content...

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