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Reproducible Dosing Results - No Problem When Using ProTec Polymer Processing Equipment! For many years, ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH (former MANN+HUMMEL ProTec GmbH) has been known as a reliable and experienced partner to the plastics industry. The company’s world renowned brands SOMOS® and OHL stand for efficient material handling and ready to use recycling plants. We are the preferred partner for our customers because our innovative solutions and top quality at the best available price-performance ratio are absolutely convincing. Precise dosing and efficient mixing make it possible to...

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Two Dosing Systems for Your Advantage Volumetric In the case of volumetric dosing, following a calibration process, the quantity of material to be dosed is set in line with the speed of the dosing auger or the number of dosing pockets. If individual product properties such as bulk density or granule size change, the characteristic product value must be manually calculated and adjusted again. Advantages of volumetric dosing systems: n Designed for injection molding n Outstanding dosing accuracy and careful calibration n Compact design n Low purchase price Gravimetric When it comes to dosing,...

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Selecting Your New SOMOS® Dosing System is Simple Different dosing systems may be required, depending on the designated use. The following table will give you an overview of which system is best suited to your purpose. For more detailed information, please contact us directly! Dosing system Granulate material Powder material Precision Dosing capacity Dosing capacity g/sec kg/h HX GLX GX A-20 Auger- conveyor A-20 Auger- conveyor HTM A-30 Auger- conveyor A-30 Auger- conveyor HTM * Measured with ordinary granulate master batch 0.8 kg/dm3 ** Measured with free-floating powder 0.65 kg/dm3 ***...

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What You Should Know Before Selecting Your System The following options are available: n Sliding device on the output of the hopper reservoir n Evaluation software to connect. dosing control to a PC n Dosing systems of different performance categories n FG 200 conveying device with hopper reservoir for main component or secondary component n Gravimetric calibrator n ME 38 conveying device for secondary component n Receiving container for main component n Network compatible Please contact our staff if you wish to discuss further options or adjustment possibilities! Measurement principle...

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Granulate can be of normal size or micro-sized. The only criterion to achieve a perfect result: Granulate and powder must be able to flow freely and must not carry electrostatic charge or be sticky. SOMOS®-Technology for Your Advantage The dosing unit is permanently connected with quick-release fasteners to digital scales. Even in the case of intense vibrations, the scales always works accurately, based on the weight loss of the material to be dosed that has actually occurred and can no longer be influenced. Quick „return on investment“ (ROI) thanks to safe and consistent dosing that lowers...

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MINIMIX MM 30 Volumetric Dosing Unit MINIMIX MMB Gravimetric Dosing Unit Image at the top: MINIMIX MM 30 complete with Venturi conveying unit for additives and control Image at the top: MINIMIX MMB complete with Venturi conveying unit for additives and control Image on the right: MM 30 standard unit with control Image on the left: MMB standard unit with control Combined Volumetric and Gravimetric Dosing System (MM 30 + MMB) MINIMIX double station consisting of MM 30 and MMB - a combined volumetric and gravimetric dosing system

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ProTec Polymer Processing - Always at Your Side We do not only provide this service in Germany, but worldwide as well. A network consisting of our own employees – and complemented by the well-trained staff members from our trusted representative offices – is quickly mobilized to be on-site not only when things “get dicey” but also for regular service visits from time to time. VKD 618 en 0612 • Printed in Germany © ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH Content is subject to changes. Globally networked sales and service structure Not only do we strive to offer our customers demanding products in the...

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