SOMOS® 2-component conveyor FG 204.1/21


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SOMOS® 2-component conveyor FG 204.1/21 - 1

n 2-component conveyor with blower attachment n Modular design n Blower and micro-controller in the attachment n Transparent, impact-resistant container made of PC for transported materials; impact resistant top n Cloth filter with compressed air cleaning n Blower attachment with connection for compressed air cleaning n Connection piece diameter 38 mm or 54 mm n Programmable control functions for n Conveying n Filter cleaning n 2-component shuttle valve n Bottom flap sensor n Display of the current operating condition n Check valve with stop n Integrated 2-component attachment for alternating material feed n “Worn carbon” signal and automatic disconnection in the case of worn carbon n Material feed adjustable over time Accessories: n Volume extension under the conveyor n Machine hopper

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SOMOS® 2-component conveyor FG 204.1/21 - 2

SOMOS® 2-Component Conveyor FG 204.1/21 Application The SOMOS® FG 204.1/21 2-component conveyor is used by companies in the plastics, chemicals, rubber and recycling industries for the automatic charging of tanks, scales, mixers, dosing systems and processing machines with mill base and new product. Mill base is not mixed at a specific accuracy; the percentage intake can be adjusted. Conveyor pipe diameter mm 38 or 54 Material to be conveyed Ground stock, Granulate1) Grain size µm > 500 Conveying capacity Conveying hopper Material Usable volume l Power supply Output 2) Filter element...

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