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Gravimtrie small-quantity dosing unit MINIMIX MM-B LU S s => x MANN+ 1 Applicable for injection moulding machines and extruders 1 Free supply of main component and dosed addition of up to 4 auxiliary components 1 Dosage through dosing cylinder GLX 1 With static mixer 1 Gentle, pulsation-free and very precise dosage 1 10 - 25 % reduction in costs for additives 1 Fast disassembly/assembly with recipe change or for cleaning 1 User-friendly microprocessor control system with: - timer, relay, tacho operating modes - LCD display - password-protected entry of operation and configuration parameters - automatic adjustment of the dosage output to cycle time - integrated calibration program - integrated control system of a compressed-air operated loading station - ethernet interface - alarm flash light 1 Optional: - Evaluation software for connection of dosage control system to a PC - Dosing cylinder GX - dosing screw A 20 - conveying device ME 38 for auxiliary component - motor for regrind material processing with 12 l feed hopper - Twin Version (automatic adjustment of the percentage of ground material to the quantity of ground material to be processed) - Sliding mechanism on outlet of the surge hopper

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Gravimtrie small-quantity dosing unit MINIMIX MM-B Application The gravimtrie small-quantity dosage unit MINIMIX MM-B is used in the plastie proeessing industry for the eontinuous dosing of granulate or powdered auxiliary eomponents (master bateh, additive) to the main eomponent (granulate) supplied in free flow and its synehronous mixing. Teehnieal Data 驕 Throughput kg/h max. 500 Dosage eapaeity with - Dosing eylinder GLX = 3) kg/h 0.07 - 5.8 - Dosing eylinder GX F 3) kg/h 0.72 - 18.0 - Dosing serew A 201F 3) kg/h 1.8 - 72.0 Օ Material - Dosing eylinder Stainless steel - Surge hopper for -...

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