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Volumetric Small-Quantity Dosing Unit MINIMIX MM 16 Also for use on injection moulding machines and extruders Free flow supply of main component and dosed addition of up to 4 auxiliary components Dosing by means of a dosing cylinder driven by a brushless stepping motor Static mixer Careful, pulsation-free and very precise dosing Cost savings for additives of 10 - 25 % Manual or automatic supply of the storage hoppers Quick disassembly / reassembly to change formula or for cleaning purposes Operator-friendly micro-processor control unit with: - timer, relay and tacho operating modes - LED display - password-protected input of operating and configuration parameters - integrated calibration program - integrated control of a compressed-air-driven feed station - alarm output Option: - locking mechanism at the outlet of the storage hopper

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Volumetric Small-Quantity Dosing Unit MINIMIX MM 16 Application The MINIMIX MM 16 small-quantity dosing unit is components (masterbatches, additives) to the main used in the plastics processing industry to component (pellets) supplied in free flow and to mix continuously add granular or powdery auxiliary them homogeneously. Technical Data Throughput kg/h max. 500 Օ Volume Dosing capacity with - storage hopper for - dosing cylinder GN1' kg/h 0.02 - 25 - main component l variable - dosing cylinder HN2' kg/h 0.005 - 10 - auxiliary component l 4 Օ Material Power supply3' 1 N/PE/AC 60/50 Hz -...

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