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LFT-PULTRUSION LINES ProTec Polymer Processing Pultrusion lines for the production of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) pellets LFT pellets produced with ProTec production lines utilize best-in-class technology, resulting in superior material performance. We develop LFT-Pultrusion solutions that meet the latest technical challenges and your customers demanding requirements. Innovative solutions in lightweight construction We design and build Pultrusion lines that enable you to manufacture LFT pellets with wide range of polymer matrices and different fiber strengths. The Pultrusion process optimally coats the fiber strand in the impregnation tool for the production of LFT pellets for the manufacture of high strength and low weight plastic parts. The advantages of LFT are becoming widely recognized, particularly in the automotive parts industry, and significant new applications are expected to develop in the packaging, appliances, sports equipment and facilities, medical and aerospace components. Possible fiber-polymer combinations Polymer Possible fibers in each polymer Glass, Carbon, Steel Glass, Aramid, Carbon, Steel Glass, Aramid, Carbon, Steel Alloy (polymer blend) Polylactide (lactic acid) Glass, Steel Acrylnitrile butadiene styrene Glass, Steel Polyphenylene oxide Glass, Carbon Glass, Aramid, Carbon, Steel Polyphenylene sulfide Glass, Aramid, Carbon, Steel

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LFT-PULTRUSION LINES ProTec Polymer Processing Highlights – – Standard & custom LFT lines – – High quality fiber impregnation – – Fully automated operation – – Runs different fiber & thermoplastic combinations – – Individual LFT formulation support – – Custom LFT sample pre-production – – Compatible with SOMOS® material handling equipment –– Technical support Just contact us for any further information. Creel rack for mounting and unwinding the fiber spools Tensioner with combs for guiding and tensioning the fiber strands Extruder for melt preparation Tool for impregnating the fibers with...

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