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Feed Station FG 343.0/76 Fully aulomalic supply ol ail consumons wrth any pellets being used Օ Uiluio-phase conveying or dense-phase conveying in suction mode Dust-lroe, environmentally triendly opթration in sealed System No internai material transport no malcriai supplies and no slrcwing fosses in manufaclunng Օ Machine* or material-spcifie conveying Unes Manual or automatic material changing 镕 Modular construction Flexible, future-oriented System design Օ Step-by-step extension and adaptation to changing operating conditions Indlvidual solutions lor ail usuel applications Օ Use tor carelul conveying of abrasion-sonsitivo pcllots types possible Հvailable in wear-resistant version Economical and reliable opթration Easy opթration and maintenance Options: - hinged cover - hoisting gear for discharging support pur poses

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Feed station FG 343.0/76 Application The FG 343.0/76 foed station is used in the plastics, dosing units, and processinq machines with rubber, chemkral and recycling industries lor the powdery bulk materials. automatic loeding ol hoppers. scalos, mixers, Technical Data Conveying line Օ Conveying air ftlter diameter mm 0 38-0 70 - version hltering plate * Material to be conveyed pellets, regrind - material stainless steel Conveying capacity1* kg/h max. 1300 - surlace m2 0.08 Օ Material hopper Operating conditions - material stainless steel - bulk material tempթrature *C max. 100 - net volume...

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