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Feed Station FG 324.0/71 (55) » Moduar and compact design ► Material hopper made of slainless steel CJeaning of conveying air fllter by compressed air, before or after conveying * Conveying valve actuated by pneumatic cylinder * Operator-frlendly micro-processor control unit » Adjustable control funclions for: - conveying - cleaning - doslng - purging - blower disconnection delay » Operating status indicated by LEDs » End of conveying opration via tlme or level » Low-noise opration Options: - level swltch - alarm - separate control unit - volume extension - central filter

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Feed Station FG 324.0/71 (55) Application The FG 324.0/71 (55) feed station is used in the with pollets or regrind. The feed station is usGd in plastics, rubber. chemlcal and recycllng Industries conjunctlon wlth the blower stations 8G E/M53 for tho automatic fooding of hoppers, scalos, mixers, CPS- or BG E/M56 CPS-. dosing unitsr drying plants and processing machines Techncal Data Conveying line diameter mm 0 55  Material to be conveyed pellets, regrind Conveying capacity1' kg/h max. 1200 Օ Matorial hoppor - material stainless stoel - net volume I 12 Noise թmissions DB(A) < 80 Conveying...

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